George Chopivsky

George Chopivsky

Chopivsky’s family foundation has donated to numerous Ukrainian organizations. It has supported education, religion, culture, information/research and publishing programs throughout Ukraine.

One of Chopivsky’s major endeavors is purchasing United Medical Center, a hospital that had long been bankrupt but is showing signs of recovery. He has invested an enormous amount to make UMC successful.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Chopivsky has been a leader in the Ukrainian-American community for many years. He founded and serves as President of The Ukrainian Development Company, an organization which creates and operates businesses and investments in Ukraine.

He has also co-founded a commercial bank and invested in real estate.

Chopivsky has earned the endorsement of many high-profile organizations due to his extensive business and travel expertise, including the World Economic Forum and Atlantic Council. An avid traveler himself, Chopivsky estimates he has visited 70 countries. A native Washingtonian who attended St. Albans School and Yale University, Chopivsky has volunteered in numerous humanitarian, charitable and cultural initiatives throughout the region.

Achievements and Honors

George Chopivsky, a Washington DC-area real estate developer and longtime member of the Ukrainian-American community, is the founder and President of Ukrainian Development Company L.L.C.

Through his Chopivsky Family Foundation, he has funded numerous humanitarian, charitable and cultural programs for Ukraine. Additionally, he was instrumental in creating the first Ukrainian embassy in America after independence was achieved in 1991.

He has several business accomplishments to his name, but his greatest triumph was likely purchasing United Medical Center – a long-struggling hospital on Southern Avenue SE. That feat is no small feat considering UMC has been struggling financially for years. Unfortunately, there have been some legal and business missteps as well.

Personal Life

George Chopivsky is a successful real estate developer and investor, responsible for the construction of some of Washington DC’s most iconic buildings. His expertise includes commercial real estate, apartment development and property management.

He also runs a large family foundation that supports numerous humanitarian, charitable and cultural programs for Ukraine. The Chopivsky Family Foundation is his way of contributing to the well-being of Ukraine – particularly its Ukrainian-American community in the United States.

The Chopivskys have been actively engaged in several projects throughout Ukraine, such as the establishment of grain elevators and egg-layer operations. Furthermore, their charitable foundation supported Ukraine’s first embassy to the United States after independence in 1991; housing it temporarily at their Washington offices until a permanent building could be obtained.

Net Worth

George Chopivsky is a real estate executive who has amassed great wealth. He owns and operates various business enterprises in Ukraine.

He has a net worth of $6 million. Additionally, he serves as partner at the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in New York City.

Furthermore, he owns FORTIS Real Estate Company which develops and manages residential properties in Washington D.C.

Chopivsky is currently looking to purchase UMC, a hospital in the District that’s been losing money for years. Although this could prove risky, if Chopivsky can convince politicians to let him off the city’s books quickly. Gray, Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans have all stated their desire for UMC’s closure as soon as possible.

George Chopivsky

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