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George Coon – A Lifelong Script Writer

The George Coon Public Library in Princeton, NC was established over a century ago as the result of the tireless efforts of some dedicated women. They worked diligently to secure books and furniture for the building that now stands today.

Today, the library remains active with strong community support. This is a testament to their hard work and success.

Early Life and Education

George Coon was a hardworking man who provided his family with all they needed. As both husband and father, he instilled traditional values into his children while taking them fishing and aiding in their scouting pursuits. George enjoyed spending time with his family, providing them with everything from fish to clothing.

He is a retired professor from Oakland University in Rochester Michigan and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Western Michigan University as well as a doctorate of education from Wayne State University.

He served on the faculties of Wayne State University and Indiana State University before joining Oakland University’s faculty as professor in 1968. An acclaimed author, he wrote over 60 educational publications as well as his popular Stump Howie sports trivia series and two memoirs. Furthermore, he is a member of National Council of Teachers of English.

Professional Career

George Coon’s professional career focused largely on writing teleplays for TV series such as Dragnet, Wagon Train, Maverick and Bonanza. He earned a reputation for his speedy rewriting of scripts to meet production deadlines.

He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Western Michigan University, as well as a doctorate of education from Wayne State University. After teaching on the faculties at Wayne State and Indiana State Universities for several years, he joined Oakland University in Rochester MI where he served as Professor of Education, Director of Graduate Studies and dean of the School of Education before retiring as Professor Emeritus.

He was the author of over 60 educational publications, such as the Stump Howie sports trivia series and two memoirs. Additionally, he penned more than 100 articles for magazines and newspapers in support of public education by advocating for a uniform system of school administration, larger local control units, equitable funding mechanisms, the elimination of politics from schools, well-trained and respected teaching professionals with expert instruction, and professionally chosen textbooks.

Achievements and Honors

George Coon was an exemplary teacher who also dedicated himself to public service. As superintendent of Salisbury graded schools, he made significant improvements to their system; later as president of North Carolina Teachers Assembly, he became an influential voice for improved educational practices.

He helped establish a special school for retarded children and advocated for stronger compulsory attendance laws, improved methods of teacher certification and longer school terms. In 1911, as president of the Teachers Assembly he addressed a legislative committee on various education-related matters.

He penned hundreds of articles for the Charlotte Observer, shaping its educational philosophy into a popular philosophy in North Carolina. Additionally, he founded Teachers Assembly Foundation which provided scholarships and fellowships to deserving teachers.

Personal Life

George Coon was an adoring husband and father. He instilled his children with traditional values, taking them fishing and to scouting activities.

He was an exceptionally skilled craftsman, creating intricate figurines and shadow boxes.

He enjoyed traveling and discovering the world. His adventures took him to 6 continents, mountains, and oceans alike.

Net Worth

George Coon has an estimated net worth of $10 million. As a script writer, his credits include Dragnet, Wagon Train, Maverick and Bonanza.

He has also starred in several movies. His most renowned role was as Phoebe Buffay’s love interest on the hit television series Friends.

His estimated net worth has grown as he has achieved success as an actor, having starred in 17 different TV series and earned immense fame through them.

In addition to acting, he has made a successful career out of real estate agent work. Additionally, his clothing line has become hugely successful, earning him an enormous fan following and standing amongst fashion industry heavyweights.

George Coon

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