George Cottone

George Cottone – The Best Kept Secret in Logan


Carmelo “Mel” Cottone was the best kept secret in Logan County, growing up without electricity or indoor plumbing in a two-room coal camphouse at 20 Whitman Creek. His remarkable life story should serve as motivation to anyone regardless of race or economic background.

He rose from that two-room coal camp to a successful career in Washington D.C., serving as political strategist and advisor to John and Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and other esteemed politicians.

Early Life and Education

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UNESCO has recognized quality early childhood education as one of its Sustainable Development Goals and described it as “the most fundamental aspect of education.” In America, President Obama has spearheaded a national drive to strengthen this sector with his Race to the Top initiative that encourages states to allocate more resources into preschool programs and early learning agencies.

Professional Career

George Cottone’s professional life has been an extraordinary journey. He has held various positions over the years, such as being a lawyer and aide to Presidents John and Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and John Glenn among others.

He served as political strategist, campaign advisor and legal counsel to many elected officials at all levels of government. Additionally, he co-organized the National Urban Coalition and served as director of economic development for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, among other roles.

His career has also earned him numerous awards and accolades. However, one of his most remarkable accomplishments was founding and leading a multi-billion dollar construction company called IMC. This feat can be attributed to his innovative leadership style and vision; he has made an immense difference in people’s lives throughout America.

Achievements and Honors

George Cottone has achieved much in his life. As the president and CEO of IMC Construction, a construction firm that has completed over one billion dollars worth of projects throughout America, George has accomplished much.

He is also a leader in his community, having founded the IMC Charitable Foundation to support educational and humanitarian institutions. Additionally, he was awarded with Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year honoree.

MMI also recognized five students who advanced to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference and eleven others who placed in the top ten at the Pennsylvania FBLA conference. Seniors Louis DeAngelo, Chava Kornblatt, Mahum Ahmed, Kelisa Hysenbegasi and Julia Snyder were among those honored.

Personal Life

George Cottone has achieved incredible things in politics, yet he is a Logan County native who was born in a two-room coal camp house at 20 Whitman Creek without electricity or indoor plumbing.

He rose through the political ranks to become a trusted adviser to John and Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and many other esteemed national and state politicians. Additionally, he served as political strategist, campaign advisor and legal counsel.

He remained active until the end of his life and enjoyed spending time with family. He also took pleasure in traveling and reading. Now living in Boca Raton, Florida, he is nearing 90 years old and will be greatly missed by his loving family and friends.

George Cottone

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