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George Crossley was an influential lawyer in early New South Wales law debates. Despite his considerable talent, he was often unfairly maligned for it.

He was one of Governor Bligh’s early supporters and was sent to Newcastle as a prisoner during the rebellion. Charles Throsby kept him in custody until 19 September 1808 when Ensign Villiers took over duties as Commandant.

Early Life and Education

George Crossley was born in London, England and became a member of the aristocracy as well as an accomplished lawyer.

He began his legal career in 1771, but was soon arrested for debt. Fortunately, he was released after twelve months.

He then relocated to Australia, purchasing land in the Hawkesbury Valley where he established a farm. Additionally, he worked as an attorney and was considered a staunch supporter of William Bligh.

Professional Career

George Crossley was a lawyer in London who also served as an adviser to Provost-Marshal William Gore when he was prosecuted for his involvement in the Bligh rebellion.

He was an outspoken champion of civil rights. As a staunch supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union, he served as president of its Central Florida chapter.

Crossley was a radio and television host who advocated for bans on strip clubs and controversial art exhibits, as well as opposition to sex education and movies. But in 1996, Crossley was arrested when he attempted to hire a hit man to murder his lover’s husband. Convicted, he served 40 months in prison.

Achievements and Honors

George Crossley was an attorney practicing in New South Wales, Australia. He was the first practitioner in their civil court and represented some of the most influential people in their community.

He was also a pioneer of public opinion research. He used market research techniques to gauge public awareness of political issues.

In 1890, Crossley established Crossley Inc., which would become a prominent provider of radio broadcast market research. His success propelled public opinion research into the forefront of social science research.

He also published several books. Junior Bookshelf critic Marcus Crouch praised British Folk Tales as a “most moving experience” for both children and adults, weaving together some familiar tales with others in beautiful poems that retell the stories.

Personal Life

Crossley was an eccentric personality and self-taught lawyer, one of the few former convict attorneys allowed to practice law in Sydney.

He was a highly esteemed businessman, farmer, trader and money lender who also served as trustee of the Sydney Port Trust.

In 1803 he began practicing law in Sydney and was often advised by Deputy Judge Advocate Richard Atkins. As a staunch supporter of Governor Bligh, he assisted him with the prosecution of John Macarthur before the Bligh rebellion.

On March 19th 1823 in Sydney, he passed away. His remains were interred at the Old Burial Ground and then transferred to Bunnerong Cemetery. Surviving family members include Pauline (Hoskins) Crossley with son Blair and granddaughter Gabrielle; daughter Kelly with grandchildren Jenna-Rose and Jordan; as well as a large circle of extended family and friends.

Net Worth

George Crossley boasts a net worth of over $40 million. This fortune has been accrued through his career and personal life, as well as investments into his businesses.

He was born on October 27, 1973 and is currently 47 years old. He is an American television personality best known for his appearances on the reality show, “Storage Wars.”

Crossley is an organic farmer who strives to move away from monocultures on his family farm. He runs his own oat milk business and champions diversity; additionally, he runs woodwork workshops and an Airbnb shepherd’s hut rental service. Crossley has a deep-seated passion for wildlife conservation and strives to conserve natural ecosystems on his property.

George Crossley

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