George Driscoll

George Driscoll

George Driscoll is a retired journalist who has contributed to multiple national news outlets. For his efforts, Driscoll has earned numerous honors such as two Pulitzer Prizes and an Associated Press Managing Editor’s Public Service Award.

He is currently a member of the Navy Wounded Warrior program in Alameda, CA and has overcome many obstacles to reach his career objectives.

Early Life and Education

George Driscoll was born on April 24, 1857 in Fairmount, Onondaga County, New York to Michael and Ellen (Cronin) Driscoll. He earned his law degree in 1883.

He was a member of the American Bar Association, Pennsylvania State Bar Association and New Jersey State Bar Association as well as serving on the Trustee board for New York State College Forestry in Syracuse, NY.

He was elected to the New Jersey Legislature in 1946, defeating former governor Harold G. Hoffman in the Republican primary. Throughout his term, Driscoll supported and championed Clean Government initiatives across both parties at all levels and worked to reform the state constitution. Furthermore, he founded the bistate Waterfront Commission which helped reduce racketeering at Hudson River docks.

Professional Career

George Driscoll was an outstanding football player for Northwestern University during the early 20th century. He excelled at both quarterback and halfback positions and was an integral part of two undefeated teams.

He was an impressive field goal kicker, capable of dropkicking goals from 50 yards or more and setting a college record with four touchdowns in one game.

In 1923, he scored four touchdowns and added three extra points in a 60-0 victory against Rochester Jeffersons.

After his college career, he returned to Chicago and played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) for several years. He served as coach of both Racine/Chicago Cardinals for three seasons and Chicago Bears from 1956-57.

Achievements and Honors

Driscoll has received numerous awards and honors throughout his life for his contributions to science, education and public service.

Driscoll has made significant contributions to environmental engineering during his four-decade career, exploring the effects of climate change and air pollution on wetlands, Great Lakes ecosystems, urban ecosystems and coastal waters.

He has also been a champion for civil rights. He championed the Freeman Bill, which outlawed discrimination in public places.

Personal Life

George Driscoll lived a life filled with love, good humor, and family. He also had an affinity for fixing things.

In his free time, he and his wife Trudi worked to organize a bi-monthly dance at their church for adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, they dedicated both money and time towards spreading the gospel.

He was also a conservation officer with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Tragically, he drowned while trying to retrieve his boat near Orman Dam in Belle Fourche, N.J.

Cosper was a founding member of Mars Hill Church, founded in his 20s. This congregation represented a unique blend between complementarianism – where men and women have equal dignity but distinct roles at home and church – and patriarchy, according to Cosper.

Net Worth

George Driscoll is an American evangelical Christian pastor and author. He co-founded Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.

He has authored several books, such as Real Marriage: The Truth About Love and Friendship. His works have sold over one million copies worldwide.

Driscoll remains a popular speaker and author despite his controversy-filled past. Additionally, his social media presence is extensive.

Driscoll has been accused of plagiarism, misogyny, and bullying. Although he no longer holds the office of pastor, he continues to speak publicly in public forums.

George Driscoll

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