George Dupaul

George Dupaul

George Dupaul is a clinical psychologist and Psychiatric researcher, with specialties in Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Developmental psychology, and Intervention.

His research in Clinical psychology encompasses topics from Psychological intervention, Comorbid psychopathology and Classroom management. Furthermore, he explores Developmental psychology and School-based intervention. Finally, his intervention work focuses on social skills combining elements from both Psychological intervention and Special education.

Early Life and Education

George Dupaul’s educational background is impressive, encompassing a variety of fields. In 2007, he earned a degree from Lehigh University and is now professor of school psychology at the same institution. Through his research efforts, he has published over 190 journal articles and book chapters on ADHD and related disorders; his most significant contribution lies in early intervention strategies for young children at risk for ADHD.

He is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, which has earned him many prestigious consulting jobs. For instance, he conducted several studies on the most effective ways of teaching children with ADHD how to manage their symptoms and boost academic performance.

Professional Career

George Dupaul has been a tennis professional since September 2017, currently teaching group and private lessons at Portola Spring Community Park. With extensive coaching experience under his belt and certification to teach at PTR level, George Dupaul has worked with players of all abilities – including tour-level professionals and NCAA athletes – while coaching in Taiwan, Japan, Team Chinese Taipei, and University of Southern California tennis teams as an assistant coach.

His research interests lie in Clinical psychology, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Developmental psychology, Intervention and Social skills. His clinical psychology work often incorporates scale factors while his developmental work draws upon topics from Primary education and Parent ratings combined with Social skills research. Finally, his Intervention research is a multidisciplinary effort that incorporates Adhd symptoms as well as program development.

Achievements and Honors

George Dupaul is a renowned researcher in Clinical psychology and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). His publications span over 230 journal articles and book chapters on ADHD and related disorders. His studies are multidisciplinary in nature, covering areas such as developmental psychology, intervention psychology, psychiatry and test validity.

He is a Professor of School Psychology at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Education. He has received multiple awards and honors, including the Senior Scientist Award from Division 16 of the American Psychological Association. His scientific interests lie mainly in clinical psychology, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Intervention; his recent work includes developing ADHD Rating scales for schools-based interventions, special education needs and social skills development.

Personal Life

DuPaul was an incredible scientist, but even more so a kind and gentle soul. He was a loving father, husband, golf enthusiast and great listener – but the most poignant moment of his life came when he learned his daughter had terminal cancer. The family moved to California in 2005 where DuPaul remained active until her recent passing at 93 years old. As an ardent philanthropist he contributed generously to charity organizations throughout his lifetime.

Net Worth

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George Dupaul

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