George Frederickson

George Frederickson

George Frederickson was an esteemed public administration scholar, author and educator. His work focused on social equity issues and his contributions were immense.

He achieved great success as a university administrator, serving as founding associate dean at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Dean at the University of Missouri’s School of Community Affairs. At 42, he was appointed President of Eastern Washington State College in Cheney – a position which he held for 10 years.

Early Life and Education

Early education is critical for the cognitive, emotional, and physical growth of a child that will enable them to succeed academically and later in their career. While many factors contribute to this development, quality early education should be the top priority.

George was an Idaho boy growing up in Twin Falls who loved playing outdoors and showing his affection towards his family and many friends.

George Frederickson was an accomplished scholar and tireless champion for society’s betterment, creating a lasting impact on the study of public administration. His accomplishments included championing social equity as the third pillar of good government; founding, editing, and running several prominent journals; as well as convening an international network of scholars around this important topic.

Professional Career

George Frederickson had an illustrious professional career. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and accounting from Brigham Young University, followed by master’s degrees in public administration from UCLA and USC, culminating with a doctorate in public administration.

Frederickson had previously taught at the Universities of Maryland, Syracuse University and Indiana University before being named president of Eastern Washington University in 1978. Throughout this time, Frederickson left an indelible mark on his alma mater – creating a lasting legacy that continues today.

His research interests encompassed bureaucracy and democracy, citizenship, politics, ethics, education, public administration theory and practice, governance practices, accountability practices and performance measurement systems. He saw great value in connecting seemingly disparate ideas from within and outside public administration to offer the field fresh concepts based on sound research.

He founded and edited several journals, such as the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE), Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART) and Perspectives on Public Management and Governance. Furthermore, he was one of the founders of the Public Management Research Association.

Achievements and Honors

George Frederickson made a lasting impact on public administration over his 50 year career, becoming an esteemed scholar renowned among both young scholars and tenured professors alike for his groundbreaking contributions across all areas of the discipline.

He established himself as a leader in social justice and equity research, serving as one of the founding members of ASPA’s Dwight Waldo Award committee. Together with colleagues in this discipline, he worked to shift research toward greater responsiveness to equity principles – often through speeches that reflected his own values.

He served as President of ASPA, ushering in changes that challenged the status quo in professional literature and refocused their National Council on more equitable practices. Together with his colleagues at ASPA, he made a lasting mark on public administration scholarship by establishing social equity as a “third pillar” within the profession.

Personal Life

George was a serious scholar who held himself and others to the highest standards, yet also enjoyed laughter. He knew how to tackle challenging intellectual ideas without fear, inspiring his students, colleagues, and friends to do the same.

He was born in Twin Falls, Idaho into a large and loving family. He and his siblings worked alongside their parents to support the family drive-in restaurant, Frederickson’s Fine Candy and Ice Cream – while still managing to have lots of fun along the way!

At 42 years old, he was appointed President of Eastern Washington State College in Cheney and would serve for 10 years. Under his visionary and inspirational leadership, the college flourished into an impressive regional university with campuses located both in Cheney and Spokane.

Net Worth

George Frederickson is an American historian with an estimated net worth of $12.9 million dollars.

He possesses a wealth of knowledge and an impressive career. He has authored hundreds of articles and published many books.

As a professor, he made significant contributions to numerous disciplines. He founded and edited several scholarly journals and was well-known among both young scholars and tenured professors alike.

He dedicated much of his life to public and academic life, as well as being a loving husband and father. Survived by his wife Mary; children Thomas (Leslie), Christian, Lynne and David; grandchildren Joseph, Sarah Samuel Ellen and Cami; as well as numerous cousins and nieces. The family would like to express its sincerest gratitude for all your kind words and prayers during this trying time.

George Frederickson

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