George Haj

George Haj

George Haj is the Senior Editor for Local News at the Houston Chronicle, overseeing 45 reporters, columnists and editors. His coverage ranges from local to state and D.C. to Mexico as well as enterprise news stories.

He has worked as a reporter for Florida Today, Miami Herald and Houston Chronicle as well as freelance reporting across America and abroad.

Early Life and Education

George Haj was educated at Victoria College in Alexandria and King’s College, Cambridge before moving to Palestine.

He began his career as a war correspondent during World War I. Following the conflict, he became a lecturer at the University of Jordan.

Linguistically trained, he pioneered generative semantics in 1963. This theory relies on formal logic and model theory to connect grammatical and lexical form with meaning and context – including communication principles such as speech acts and implicatures.

He created a logical framework for metaphorical thought, drawing upon research on frame semantics, mental spaces, image schemas and prototype theory. Along with philosopher Mark Johnson he collaborated on a cognitive theory of metaphor which culminated in their 1979 publication Metaphors We Live By.

Professional Career

George is the founding partner of Rosetta, a 1,200-person marketing consulting firm. As an entrepreneur and innovation executive for Educate Texas, he ensures the organization stays true to its mission to prepare all Texas students to graduate high school ready for college, career and life.

As PlayMakers Repertory Company’s new producing artistic director, Haj will offer artistic direction and vision, direct plays, plan programs, select guest directors and artists, raise funds for the organization which has been running since 1985. Haj is also an acclaimed actor with credits in Europe and America; a proud graduate of UNC’s master of fine arts professional actor training program who has appeared in multiple productions throughout his career as an actor.

Achievements and Honors

George Haj’s career in academia, engineering and research is extensive. He has published multiple papers related to nonlinear dynamics, fluid mechanics, structural dynamics and fluid-structure interactions with applications in aeroelasticity, ships’ hydrodynamics, biomimetic inspired air and underwater vehicles as well as energy harvesting.

He is the George Meade Bond Professor of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology where he also serves as Chair. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the Engineering Mechanics Institute and has mentored numerous PhD students in fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering and energy harvesting.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the UC Davis Medal – the highest academic distinction that a professor at UC Davis can receive.

Personal Life

George Haj is an accomplished man whose list of accomplishments is extensive. He has held various senior editor titles at the Houston Chronicle and currently serves as their local news chief, overseeing 45 reporters and columnists in their quest for local knowledge. Furthermore, George serves as their chief philanthropist, raising millions of dollars for charity over the years.

His personal life can best be summarized as a family man at heart. Married to Deirdre, they enjoy spending quality time together. Additionally, he is passionate about performing arts – particularly the Guthrie Theatre where he has served as Artistic Director for three years now.

Net Worth

George Haj is an Israeli professional soccer player with an estimated net worth of $10M. Most of this wealth has been earned through his association football career as an Attack – Center Forward for the Israel national team. On YouTube, George makes an average of $0.21 per 1000 views on his channel.

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George Haj

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