George Jikovski

George Jikovski, CFA

George Jikovski, CFA is the Head of Structured Products for Canyon Partners and chairs their Risk Management Committee. Before joining Canyon, he was an investment banker at Trust Company of the West.

Jikovski oversees the River Canyon Total Return Bond Fund. This fund utilizes a bottom-up credit selection process and an asset-backed securities approach for asset management.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Jikovski has an enviable record as a bond manager. His $167m River Canyon Total Return Bond fund boasts a three-year manager ratio of 0.14 and the best cumulative total returns in Multisector Bond category, outpacing the market by more than 3% annually. Furthermore, he stands out from many bond managers by not holding permanent stakes in Treasurys; instead using them only when credit opportunities become less compelling. He graduated with honors from University of California Los Angeles (B.A., Business Economics; Minor in Accounting); plus he holds CFA(r) Charterholder status). At present he heads Canyon Partners’ Structured Products division and chairs the Risk Management Committee.

Achievements and Honors

George Jikovski is the Head of Structured Products at Canyon Capital Partners, responsible for identifying investment opportunities in mortgage-backed securities (MBS), structured finance and credit derivatives sectors. Prior to joining Canyon, he worked at Trust Company of the West as an expert on high-grade MBS such as MBS derivatives and market value CDOs.

George earned his undergraduate degree at University of California, Los Angeles and is a CFA(r) charterholder. He was previously awarded the Young Member’s Research Achievement Award from Mathematics & Computations Division (MCD), honoring an individual who has made outstanding technical contributions in one or more areas relevant to MCD such as new principles, methods of analysis, software products or effective applications of mathematics and computations knowledge.

Personal Life

George Jikovski is a Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager at Canyon Partners, responsible for identifying investment opportunities across mortgage-backed securities, structured finance and credit derivatives sectors. Additionally, he manages risk and hedges his portfolios. A Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), George graduated with honors from University of California Los Angeles with a degree in Business Economics and minor in Accounting.

Reigning supreme in Multisector Bond fund management with the best three-year manager ratio and impressive cumulative total return is no small accomplishment. But the real hero behind it all lies within another less well known manager – none other than former Pimco star Bill Gross!

Net Worth

Net worth in the world of finance is a measure of an individual’s assets minus liabilities. It provides an indication of someone’s financial health and can often be used to qualify people for certain investment strategies or products. Furthermore, media outlets often refer to HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) by this term.

Assets refer to cash, retirement accounts, investments, savings and any property that can be sold at a profit. Liabilities on the other hand include debts such as mortgages, credit card balances, student loans and auto loan payments that exceed their value. If these liabilities exceed assets then a person’s net worth will be negative. Reducing total debt while maintaining assets helps improve one’s net worth.

George Jikovski

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