George Kang

George Kang

George Kang is a dentist in Silver Spring, Maryland that offers dental implant services, bone grafting, gum surgery, wisdom teeth extractions and root canals.

Younghill Kang’s autobiographical East Goes West recounts his early years as an exile without a country in America, offering readers an alternative perspective on postcolonial Asian criticism.

Early Life and Education

George Kang was born in Seoul, Korea on January 31, 1931 as the son of Chong-Kun Kang and Bun-Bong Yun (later Hui-Sung Yoon).

His early life was full of difficulties and hardship, which instilled in him a deep-seated loyalty to his family. Growing up in a small town where both his parents and their children lived close by, he formed strong ties to those close by.

He graduated from Bae-Jae High School and then continued onto Seoul National University, where he majored in electrical engineering.

He then joined the Korean Air Force Academy, serving as a weather officer until 1954 when he was discharged. Later he moved to America where he pursued a career at Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. as a research scientist until retiring in November 2005 at the end of an illustrious career.

Professional Career

George is a self-declared film buff with an impressive academic background and knack for getting his hands dirty on set. He’s also dabbled in mobile app development and digital media marketing, serving on the board of directors for a philanthropic arts organization. When not at work, George enjoys playing golf and owning one of Australia’s largest collections of vintage cameras. As an octogenarian, George still finds time to spend quality family time with his two young and handsome children.

Achievements and Honors

George Kang is a renowned cancer researcher who has earned multiple prestigious awards. He currently serves as Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.

He has amassed a substantial research fund over his career, which he uses to further his work. His studies focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms of metastasis – an often fatal cancer complication.

He serves as Community Representative for EMBA-NY Saturday, a program at Columbia Business School. As such, he organizes numerous virtual and physical networking events and social activities for the cohort.

Personal Life

George Kang is an incredibly driven and motivated individual who strives for excellence. He’s renowned for his devotion and commitment to both work and family.

He is an enthusiastic pianist and music collector, passionate about sharing his talent with others. He has taught himself to play the piano and conducts choral groups.

His passion and dedication to his work have contributed greatly to his success, earning him a place of honor in his field.

He is a comprehensive Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma subspecialist who specializes in comprehensive glaucoma management, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, as well as complex cases caused by angle closure or inflammatory eye diseases. He practices in Doncaster, Mount Waverley and Melbourne.

Net Worth

George Kang boasts a net worth of $8 million as of 2017. This wealth has been amassed through his work in the Fast and Furious franchise.

He has also starred in multiple other films and television shows. His earnings have enabled him to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The actor’s wealth is generated from his acting career, brand endorsements and promotions. Estimates place his salary around $500,000.

George Kang

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