George Krajack

George Krajack

George Krajack was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend; as well as an inspirational speaker, mentor and coach.

He was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and graduated from McKeesport High School. Afterwards he continued on to Clemson University before serving in the Army. Survived by his beloved wife Leda as well as numerous loving family members, he will be deeply missed.

Early Life and Education

George Krajack was born on April 1, 1907 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania to three siblings and an accomplished basketball player throughout his schooling. After attending McKeesport High School and Shattuck Military Preparatory school before beginning his studies at Clemson University, he served in the Army before coaching college basketball for several years. Known for his’mental toughness’, George inspired many with his words of wisdom and was greatly loved by those close to him including his beloved wife Leda and daughter Kim Marston; survivors include his beloved wife Leda and daughter Kim Marston.

In 1985, seven Journal employees left Maine’s oldest weekly newspaper and founded its newest, The Waldo Independent.

Professional Career

George Krajack was a college basketball star at Clemson University, where he won the 1956 NCAA title. After graduation, he served in the Army and later became professor at Davidson College. Additionally, he founded Waldo Independent newspaper in 1985 – a position which he held for many years – worked in sales and marketing departments of high end men’s clothing stores as well as custom staircase building – all while enjoying outdoor activities with his family and dog Drover. George had an adventurous spirit that never failed him, enjoying life to the fullest when outdoors with family and dog Drover.

He was an incredible motivator and had a positive outlook on life. As a devoted husband, father, brother, uncle and friend, his love was truly inspirational; leaving us all profoundly saddened. In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made in his memory to Levine & Dickson Hospice or Myleofibrosis Research.

Achievements and Honors

George Krajack was an inspiring, upbeat individual whose presence and positive energy touched many lives. He served as a motivating speaker, inspirational mentor and inspiring teammate – loved and admired by all who encountered him.

He was one of the seven founding employees of The Waldo Independent in 1985 and also served on its Journal staff for several years.

He received numerous awards and honors throughout his life. Additionally, he was a member of the National Science Teachers Association and an honorary citizen of McKeesport, Pennsylvania – his hometown. With a passion for education that could be felt in classrooms across America, as well as deep faith in God, he loved helping others. A truly wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to so many; he will be deeply missed by all those he touched.

Personal Life

George was a beloved husband, father, grandpapa and friend to many. His positive outlook and’mental toughness’ served as an inspiration to all those who knew him.

He was an acclaimed businessman with several successes to his name. He began a high-end men’s clothing store in Charlotte, NC before shifting focus onto creating custom staircases.

He was an avid golf enthusiast. One of his fondest memories was playing on the old-fashioned golf course at Swan Lake in Frankfort, Maine. Additionally, he enjoyed water sports and being outdoors. Tragically, on April 1, 2016, he passed away peacefully at home in Davidson, NC from complications related to diabetes. A truly great man who will be missed; we thank Levine & Dickson Hospice for their care and support during his final days.

Net Worth

George Krajack is an American retired basketball player and coach. He was a former Clemson University student-athlete who was ranked as one of the greatest players in school history, playing from 1956 to 1960. A two-time All-American, Krajack also led Clemson to their first state championship. George was an inspirational teammate, mentor to many young players, and always kept up his positive outlook even after retirement. A good father and grandfather, George will be missed by his family members.

His family is thankful for all of the support they have received from the community, his friends and fellow TiGERs. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his memory to Levine & Dickson Hospice or Myleofibrosis Research.

George Krajack

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