George Kupfner

George Kupfner

George Kupfner is a town trustee in Superior, Colorado and resides at 7512 West Coal Creek Driv in Superior with his wife Beatrice and children Sam and Maddy.

Despite their loss of business and home in the Marshall Fire, the Kupfners remain committed to serving their community. On March 31, they filed a lawsuit against Xcel Energy alleging their power lines and utility equipment caused, facilitated or contributed to the cause, origin and continuation of this devastating fire.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Kupfer is a consultant who specializes in community consultation, conflict resolution and mediation related to social and environmental issues. He primarily works in western Canada, with an expertise on working with aboriginal peoples.

He has served on a variety of community engagement and review panels, such as those for drilling applications, gas pipeline developments, sour gas issues, transmission line route selection and the connection between environment and economy in Alberta. Additionally, he served on a joint federal-provincial panel reviewing an run of the river hydroelectric project in Peace River region and co-chaired Oldman River Dam review panel.

He was born in Boulder, Colorado and lived there with his wife Bonnie Louise Pancost Kupfner until they relocated to Superior. As a Certified Public Accountant, he worked at Arthur Andersen & Company until 1997 when he retired.

Achievements and Honors

George Kupfner was an affluent businessman who began his career in the military before working for various investment firms such as Sanders and Co. Additionally, he founded the Kupfer Distinguished Executive Award which honors Texas A&M alumnus George Kupfer for being a leader in his field.

He was an outstanding member of the College of Arts and Sciences, having received the Lin Olin Endowed Scholarship – given to a rising senior in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Additionally, he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa – Phi Beta Kappa being its highest honor given junior and senior students at the college – as well as being an intercollegiate athlete having played football and baseball for them. Beyond his academic accomplishments, he was active within his community and an devoted family man.

Personal Life

George Kupfner enjoys spending his free time riding horses and camping. He also takes pleasure in playing cards and traveling with friends.

When the Marshall Fire devastated Superior, the Kupfner family lost many of their belongings. Yet their ordeal gave them new hope and spurred them on to do more.

He says the experience gave him a fresh outlook and enabled him to focus on what truly matters.

He says the Marshall Fire serves as a reminder of how important his family and community are. Additionally, he’s thankful that he was able to save his home and that no one in his family was killed in the blaze.

George Kupfner

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