George Kyros

George Kyros – A Man of Many Interests

Kyros was a man of many interests-political, intellectual, social and religious. He served as Prefect of Constantinople under Emperor Theodosios II (408-450).

Kyros was one of the most beloved figures in Imperial Rome, despite his deposition. He was an insightful wise man, an excellent judge and expert in his field; moreover, Kyros generously donated both money and gifts to society at large.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Kyros has made a name for himself in Maine politics as an accomplished political operative. A two-term governor, he’s won all but one of his five elections against heavyweight opponents such as department store magnate Robert Porteous and State Senator Horace Hildreth Jr.

He has achieved success as a professional wrestler, appearing for All Japan Pro Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling and the Central States circuit.

He was renowned for his brawling style and skill during professional wrestling matches. He frequently faced off against Bruiser Brody, Killer Tim Brooks and Giant Baba; additionally, he collaborated with Rick Rude, King Parsons and Chris Adams. In 1991 he was even named “the greatest” by All Japan Pro Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Achievements and Honors

George Kyros has achieved many accomplishments throughout his life. As an accomplished businessman, he has been recognized for his contributions to the community.

He has also been an influential member of the Greek community in America. Additionally, he founded an acclaimed philanthropic foundation here that provides assistance to children and families.

He is a highly-respected leader in the industry and an influential force in online media development. With an enthusiasm for technology, he encourages young people to get involved with this space.

Personal Life

George Kyros was a beloved and highly-respected figure in his community. A faithful member of Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, George had served as both friend and mentor to many people throughout Woodlawn.

George was a practical man, rather than an abstract thinker. As a Hellene Christian, he believed in human natural abilities and also held that God had an intimate connection with man.

George served in both civil service and episcopate throughout his career. As a civil servant, he focused on ethical and moral matters; while as bishop he prioritized practical concerns rather than abstract theology.

George Kyros

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