George Lamp

George Lamp

George Hansen created a swing-arm lamp that set the standard for wall-mounted illumination in America, and his creation can still be found in many prestigious spaces such as boudoirs and presidential libraries.

He underscored this point with a series of rhetorical questions followed by declarative statements. Additionally, he used syntactic structure to elicit imagery and appeal to pathos.

Early Life and Education

George was an inquisitive learner, turning his interest in nautical history, archaeology and maritime engineering into a lucrative career. During his many years at Florida State University he perfected his abilities as both teacher and administrator in marine archaeology and underwater technology.

He also took time to create a library of books on nautical history, maritime archaeology and related subjects. As librarian of his department, he was always on the lookout for new additions to add to their collection. With great care to detail, his library continues to thrive today; testament to his passion as an avid reader. Sadly, on October 16, 2017 at 87 years old he passed away.

Professional Career

George Lamp is an accomplished lighting professional with extensive expertise. His background spans architectural and theatrical lighting design, leading him to collaborate on projects around the globe.

Throughout his career, he has created numerous award-winning designs that are showcased in prominent landmarks around the world.

He holds a Lighting Certified (LC) designation from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering with a Lighting/Electrical Emphasis from Pennsylvania State University.

At Steelman Partners, he has completed numerous notable projects such as The Casino at the Empire, Venetian Cotai Lot 2 Four Seasons in Macau, Silverton Hotel and Casino’s Mi Casa Grill Cantina, Fontainebleau Las Vegas, Thunder Valley Casino Expansion, City of Dreams Macau and California Resort in Macedonia.

Achievements and Honors

George Lamp is an esteemed engineer credited with spearheading numerous groundbreaking technological innovations. For his efforts, he has earned several awards.

He is also a Fellow of the British Royal Society.

In recognition of his professional accomplishments, he was honored with both the Duncan Davies Memorial Medal from Research and Development Society as well as receiving the General Pierre Nicolau Award from International Academy for Production Engineering.

George was an enthusiastic supporter of scientific research and the light industries, making significant contributions to measurement, testing and design.

Personal Life

George Lamp was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to many. His loss will be felt deeply by his family and friends alike.

After retiring from teaching at Florida State University, George’s library was packed up and moved to a climate-controlled storage facility. Recently Collections Manager Kathleen McCormick and her assistant Donna Schleifer unloaded the boxes containing books, filmstrips, videotapes, photographs and negatives, slides, archival documents, maps and other memorabilia.

George’s library contains an impressive number of photographs, including those of his family and home. Additionally, he owns several rare books as well as various media types that were essential to his research and teaching efforts. Now available for public access, this collection showcases items related to George’s professional career, personal life, and hobbies.

Net Worth

George Lamp is one of the world’s wealthiest people, despite a year that was tough for many of the world’s richest. As of December 14th 2022, his net worth stood at at least $11.2 million.

He owns 79,813 units of CVR Inc stock and has made 14 trades since 2012, according to his Form 4 filing with the SEC.

He owns a small business called Lamp Manufacturing Company, which accounts for most of his net worth.

George Lamp

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