George Lorton

George Lorton

Lorton, Virginia’s Fairfax County is home to a vibrant community that stretches along US Route 1. Here you’ll find plenty of small shops and eateries.

George Lorton is a renowned businessman who has built numerous companies and become an influential leader in the Tampa Port Community. Additionally, he dedicates considerable time to volunteering within his neighborhood.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Lorton is currently employed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at International Ship Repair, having served in this capacity for six months.

He is accountable for the overall success of a company by working closely with his team to meet goals and objectives. Furthermore, he handles financial matters and ensures the business runs efficiently.

His resume indicates that George Lorton has more than six years of experience in this field.

His career has been pivotal in the success of the company. He has implemented strategies designed to boost profitability and reduce expenses.

He serves on the Board of Directors for his company and acts as a link between management and employees, in addition to overseeing its legal department.

Achievements and Honors

Lorton, a retired chief financial officer of Carilion Clinic, has been recognized for his leadership and contributions to the Southwest Virginia business community. This fall he will be inducted into Junior Achievement of Southwest Virginia’s Business Hall of Fame.

He is renowned for his philanthropic efforts in the Tulsa community. Together with his wife Roxana Rozsa, he has generously contributed towards maintaining and expanding the University of Tulsa campus and its buildings and facilities.

Their generosity is evident in one of Tulane University’s newest additions, the Robert Eugene and Roxana Rozsa Lorton Performance Center. At 77,000 square feet, it houses the University’s music and film studies departments as well as providing 700 seats for TU productions and community performances.

Personal Life

George Lorton was a kind, compassionate soul who believed that our world could be made better if everyone took some time out to help those less fortunate. A successful businessman in the marine industry, George loved his family, friends and life on Tampa Bay with passion.

He was an unwavering and dedicated supporter of Heartbeat International, USF Marine Biology, Tampa Port Ministries and Angels against Abuse. Additionally, he served as a leader within the Tampa Port community.

He was a major donor to the Lorton School. As chair of the Committee responsible for building Master’s House (now School House), his contribution was immense. Additionally, he contributed funds towards improving school buildings.

Net Worth

George Lorton’s net worth is estimated to be $2 billion. He owns multiple properties, including a home in Tampa. Public records reveal he has been associated with thirty companies over the past three decades and resides at 1601 Sahlman Drive in Tampa with his family. Unfortunately, no homes are currently for sale. Please note this information is provided as a guide only and cannot be guaranteed accurate; to confirm school enrollment eligibility eligibility please reach out directly to the school district.

George Lorton

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