George Machinery

George Machinery

George Westinghouse was born October 6, 1846 in Central Bridge, New York as the eighth of ten children.

After his family relocated to Schenectady, his father opened a shop for agricultural machinery and small steam engines. The Civil War interrupted Westinghouse’s experiments with steam engines, but he returned to his father’s business in 1865 and developed and patented an invention using rotary motion – known today as a rotary steam engine.

Early Life and Education

George Machinery was raised in Schenectady, New York where his father owned a shop selling agricultural machinery and small steam engines.

After serving in the Union Army for a brief period, he returned to his shop and created the first rotary steam engine. Additionally, he devised a device that could put derailed freight cars back on their tracks.

He also learned how to craft shoes and mend clocks to support his family, which enabled him to overcome financial struggles and build a successful business career. Eventually, he founded Eastman Kodak Company – making him an iconic figure in American industry. Additionally, he is renowned for his numerous writings, lectures, educational contributions, honors and awards that were bestowed upon him over time.

Professional Career

George was an expert quality control inspector. A self-proclaimed equipment connoisseur, George had the eye for detail when it came to inspecting and sorting everything from trucks and generators. Armed with an impressive list of credentials and a few good friends, George began trading used equipment – never looking back since. Today he runs Annen’s Machinery Ranch in Arlington Wisconsin while running his business and being a proud dad to six children and grandpa to eight grandchildren. The most challenging part of George’s day-to-day life is choosing which activities take priority over others; however, having an objective vision helps him make these decisions easier.

Achievements and Honors

George Westinghouse was born on October 6, 1846 in Central Bridge, New York. His father owned a shop where young George developed an interest in steam engines.

He served in the Union Army during the Civil War (1861-1865), and then returned to his father’s shop where, in 1865, he patented a rotary steam engine invention. Additionally, he devised a device for putting derailed freight cars back on their tracks.

His work had a lasting impact and earned him the title of ASME’s most esteemed engineer. He served on the ASME International Board of Directors and earned Fellowship status with several professional societies, such as ASTM International. For his contributions to precision engineering, he was honored with numerous awards and honors; most recently serving as president of ASME’s Tribology Division.

Personal Life

George Westinghouse had an arduous childhood despite his success as a businessman. His father, an acclaimed entrepreneur, passed away when he was young, leaving his family to make difficult choices and sacrifices.

While in Neosho, Mariah Watkins – an influential woman in his community – guided George towards higher education. She encouraged him to learn as much as possible and then give back to his community.

He began as an apprentice at a local machine shop before moving to Pittsburgh in 1863. Later, he married and relocated to Leavenworth, Kansas, where he founded Fisher Machine Works Company with his sons inheriting it as well. Nowadays, this leading concern in Western America produces various mechanical equipment used in agricultural, industrial, and transportation sectors.

Net Worth

As the real estate and oil and gas industries struggle in this recession, a new generation of Texans is rising to the surface. They’re finding success in emerging sectors like high-tech.

George Machinery made his fortune by helping other companies become more energy-efficient, which allowed him to profit from the savings. According to Forbes, his net worth now exceeds $1 billion.

He uses his money for good, supporting many local institutions and contributing to political causes. He and his wife Cathy Papoulias-Sakellaris tend to give mostly to Democrats.

George Machinery

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