George Melton

George Melton, HCB ’68

George Melton, HCB ’68, is an renowned engineer and passionate supporter of education. He currently serves as president and CEO of Wyle Laboratories – a global provider of engineering and scientific services.

He is also concerned about the flood of migrants arriving at America’s borders, believing that many come from countries whose governments have failed to provide adequate protection against terrorism.

Early Life and Education

George Melton had a deep-felt devotion to Jesus that saw him use his musical talent to spread the Gospel. He was part of various gospel singing groups throughout his life, such as Ambassadors Quartet at Cincinnati Bible Seminary, Claiborne Brothers in Southern California and Gospelaires in Southern California.

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Professional Career

George Melton has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Southern Gospel Music. He has participated in numerous Gospel Quartets over the years.

In 1961 he joined the Claiborne Brothers Quartet in Southern California before moving to Fresno and singing with Gospelaires Quartet.

He remained with the Gospelaires until 1970, when he relocated to Joplin Missouri and formed his own traveling group called “Gospel Lads.” This organization still exists today.

Melton endured several ailments that affected his arm during his pitching career, but the one which ultimately proved fatal was a severely swollen elbow.

Achievements and Honors

George Melton was an influential figure in public education. He championed middle level schools and authored numerous publications.

Through his career, he had an immense effect on tens of thousands of students. Furthermore, College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) recognized him as the 2022 Dick Enberg Award winner.

In his free time, he was a well-known baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants and Baltimore Orioles. In his debut major league game against Boston Bees he struck out 13 times and split time between the rotation and bullpen.

Personal Life

George Melton had a deep-felt devotion to God and an intense passion for sharing the Gospel through music. He dedicated over 50 years of his life to serving God.

His college years at Cincinnati Bible Seminary saw him rise to the tenor position of an exceptional a cappella quartet, setting him on his path. Singing together for five years, they sang together five years and reinforced for him the path that had always been his ambition.

In 1961 George relocated to Southern California and joined the Claiborne Brothers Quartet – a family of four that had been singing around Southern California for years. As their tenor, George performed throughout America with them.

Net Worth

George Melton is a renowned former model and social media personality. He was previously an accomplished soccer player and high school coach before marrying Glennon Doyle with whom he shares three children.

Melton and Doyle were married for 14 years until their divorce in 2016. Since then, he has been single.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. His primary sources of income come from his coaching and modelling professions.

He is a former model who has collaborated with various companies. Additionally, he served as sales director. Nowadays, he serves as the Sales Chief for Visible Thread.

George Melton

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