George Metz

George Metz – A Remarkable Man

George Metz was an eminently intelligent and accomplished man who led an independent life. He was a proud father, grandfather, and uncle to all those he touched.

He was an incredible storyteller, sharing his tales with family and friends alike. Ultimately, his family meant more to him than anything else in this life.

Early Life and Education

George Metz was born in Quincy, Illinois to well-off parents. His father was a druggist and his mother an educator.

He was highly intelligent and, despite having amnesia from birth, managed to lead an enjoyable life. As a good and kind individual who treated people with dignity and respect, his influence endured.

George was a man of adventure who loved to explore new places. His family meant the world to him, and he could not imagine life without them. George attended their games, dance recitals and any other outings with them as if it were his only life.

He became an investigator as he aged, becoming renowned for his “old-style” detective work. He had the knack of solving cases quickly and thoroughly, while also being adept at working with people.

Professional Career

George Metz’s professional career included working at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in South Carolina. Unfortunately, he was ultimately removed from his post for making statements which endangered his superiors.

In its decision upholding his removal, the board determined that his statements could reasonably be perceived as threats based on evidence in the record. Nonetheless, they failed to consider all evidence present to determine whether these words actually posed any threats.

After Metz’s dismissal from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, he filed a lawsuit against his supervisors at the facility. In it, he claimed they conspired to remove him from their agency in an effort to silence any complaints about their treatment of him.

Achievements and Honors

George Metz was an incredible individual, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments and honors. He excelled in his field, was a successful businessman, and an exceptional communicator.

He possessed an exceptional level of empathy and compassion, as well as a warm personality and great sense of humor that made him an absolute pleasure to know.

He was a graduate of Northeastern University with a Master of Science in Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. Additionally, he was certified as both a Professional in Organizational Development and a Leadership Coach.

Personal Life

George Metz was a well-to-do Quincy resident, owning numerous properties around town. He was an adoring husband, proud father and proud grandfather.

He was an inspiring friend, teacher and mentor to others. His teachings encouraged us to live life to the fullest and take advantage of all that life had to offer us.

He was an accomplished scuba diver, skin diver, wood carver, bird watcher, photographer, traveler and music fanatic. Additionally, he dedicated himself as a volunteer coach with Mohansic Boys and Girls Club.

Net Worth

Chrissy Metz’s net worth is largely determined by her per-episode salary from the hit television series “This Is Us.” As of 2016, her estimated net worth stands at $7 million. Her career in entertainment has spanned two decades and she has been nominated for numerous awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award. She is also a practicing attorney who specializes in estate planning for high net worth individuals, recently divorced women, and families with young children. She assists her clients in reaching their estate planning objectives through sophisticated and flexible trusts, strategies to minimize estate tax liability and asset protection strategies. She stays abreast of federal and state laws to provide her clients with the most accurate information available. A member of both the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and American Bar Association, she strives to provide clients with the most up-to-date advice.

George Metz

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