George Sengul

George Sengul, Ohio State Football Player of the Year

Rabiye (Kaptan) of a family is shocked when her eldest son Murat (Abdullah Emre Ozturk) is discovered in Pakistan. He’s there for religious studies at an institution, but his movements are deemed suspicious and he’s arrested, detained without trial and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

George Sengul is a renowned scholar of Islamic philosophy and political science whose work has been cited in numerous publications. Discover more about his life and career through this biographical article.

Professional Career

After four years at Ohio State, George Sengul went on to a storied NFL career. A versatile running back who broke the century mark 20 times and ran for 3,668 yards – second only to two-time Heisman winner Archie Griffin – George earned numerous honors during his college tenure, including Maxwell Award and Walter Camp Player of the Year honorees. During his senior season of 1995, George rushed for 1,927 yards and scored 24 touchdowns; performances against Washington and Notre Dame helped ignite his Buckeyes’ season; plus, three games that year saw more than 100 yards rushing for just about 100 yards – then-what a milestone!

George experienced his fair share of setbacks, yet he never wavered in his pursuit to improve. He learned from his errors and eventually became a household name in the world of football.

Personal Life

George Sengul was raised in a large family with three brothers and a sister. He enjoyed sports, being outdoors, playing soccer and hiking; additionally, he was heavily involved with his church and served on the board of directors for Christian Association of Retired Persons.

He was an avid reader of the Bible, reading many translations including the Quran. Additionally, he enjoyed playing the piano and singing.

He loves to travel, especially to Africa and the Middle East, where he has many friends. Most importantly, however, is time spent with his family; he has two children – a son and daughter – whom he adores spending time with.

George Sengul

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