George Shencavitz

George Shencavitz’s Legacy Lives On

Eileen Dougherty has been sentenced to 7 1/2 to 15 years in prison for stabbing George Shencavitz back in March 2021. She pleaded guilty last month and is scheduled to appear in court Monday for sentencing.

Shencavitz was fatally stabbed multiple times in the home he shared on Delaware Street. He was taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center, but unfortunately passed away there.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Shencavitz, founder and CEO, created The Flawless Future Medical Spa out of a passion to bring high-end facial and body treatments to everyone while emphasizing human touch and traditional feng shui practices. As an inspiration to all who visit, George strives to ensure every visit is an amazing experience. Shencavitz and his employees have achieved unprecedented success, propelling them to the pinnacle of their industry. Through his company culture that prioritizes quality over quantity, Shencavitz ensures his customers feel like stars in his show – no matter what it takes! His contagious spirit can be seen in all of the company’s philanthropic efforts, from its generous employee benefits program to charitable donations. Most recently, they welcomed the Flawless Future Foundation into their family–a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs.

Achievements and Honors

He’s been recognized with many accolades, including being named the inaugural president of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. As part of their board, he’s responsible for educating and training more than just his peers in aesthetic arts techniques. Additionally, he frequently speaks at industry conferences. With experience under his belt, not only has he perfected facials and body treatments but has taken on the task of helping clients improve their lives through his personal philosophy.

George Shencavitz has dedicated himself to family and community philanthropy beyond his professional career. As the proud father of two children and grandfather to four, he cherishes art and culture while understanding the value of community involvement. In addition to that, he serves on the Advisory Council for Scranton Public Schools and was previously president of his local Kiwanis club.

Personal Life

George Shencavitz was a beloved individual who appreciated life. He was actively involved in his community and always had time for his family and friends.

On Wednesday night, Shencavitz was tragically stabbed to death at his home on Delaware Street, Scranton. Sadly, he passed away at Geisinger Community Medical Center after being transported there with multiple fatal stab wounds.

Shencavitz and Eileen Dougherty had an argument at their 922 Delaware Street home when Shencavitz is said to have been stabbed three times.

Net Worth

George Shencavitz is worth an impressive amount of money. He’s a successful businessman and former member of the media industry; in addition to his charitable works. His net worth has been estimated at $3 million dollars. Currently living in Scranton, PA with his wife and two children after 25 years together – George has lived at 1600 Penn Avenue for most of his life!

George Shencavitz

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