George Swanton

George Swanton

George Swanton was a prominent citizen in early Swanton. He owned several mills and other properties within the village.

In 1819, he and his family from Barre, Vermont relocated to Swanton. On lot 9 of what would later become Swanton Falls village, he built a house and barn.

Early Life and Education

George Swanton spent his early years living with his parents in a home where they raised him and his siblings. The family was renowned for its many jokes, hilarity and laughter.

George Swanton had a passion for playing with his brothers and sisters throughout his childhood years. He was an amiable individual who took pleasure in spending time with those closest to him.

His mother, Mildred Swanton, was an inspiring woman who always stood by her family. She had a knack for cooking and her molasses cookies were beloved by all.

After serving in the military for a short period, george swanton returned home and achieved success as an entrepreneur. Additionally, he served as a town trustee for many years.

Professional Career

Swanton has been employed as a technician at Tesla Systems, Inc. for 29 years and two months.

LinkedIn lists George Swanton as having begun his career in 1994 and working for various companies as a technician.

He has extensive experience in the Security and Investigations field, having served as a technician for 10651 days.

Additionally, he has been a security guard for more than three decades.

Recently, he was interviewed on Vermont radio by Ric Cengeri as part of his “Vermont Viewpoint” series. Additionally, he has given several workshops and invited talks at schools around the state of Vermont; additionally, he’s working with the Vermont State Math Fair and gearing up for a trip to China next fall.

Achievements and Honors

George Swanton boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and honors to his credit. He has worked as both a speech therapist and social worker.

He is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts and has earned numerous scholarships in recognition of his academic success.

Furthermore, he was inducted into the National Association of School Psychologists Hall of Fame.

He has also been inducted into the Tau Mu (Social Work) and Omicron Mu (Chapter of Phi Alpha) honor societies, as well as being an honorary member of the International Society for the Advancement of Social Work.

Personal Life

Swanton had a distinguished and successful career as a cricket commentator. He was renowned for his insightful analysis of the English game and distinctive voice which captured viewers’ attention.

His obituary noted that he set the standard by which other cricket commentators were measured. As a young man, he served as treasurer of Forest Hill Cricket Club in London.

In his obituary, Tony Greig was remembered for helping launch Tony Greig’s English cricketing career.

He had a deep-seated Anglo-Catholic faith and had considered becoming an Anglican priest.

He had two brothers, one of whom was Private Number 2760 Henry Swanton of the 29th Australian Infantry Battalion who tragically passed away on November 2, 1916 at Flers, Somme. His name is honored on the Australian National Memorial in Villers-Bretonneux, Somme.

George Swanton

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