George Tkabladze

George Tkabladze

George Tkabladze is an accomplished sculptor born in Kutaisi, Georgia. He earned both his BFA and MFA from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts as well as an associate degree in sculpture from I. Nicoladze Art College in Tbilisi. Now living in Virginia and running his studio called Art Woodstone Studio, George continues his artistic pursuits.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

George Tkabladze is an artist and educator from Kutaisi, Georgia. He earned both his BFA and MFA in sculpture from Tbilisi Academy of Art (Tbilisi, Georgia) while also holding an Associate degree in sculpture and art education from I. Nicoladze Art College (Tbilisi, Georgia).

He has earned several awards and honors throughout his career, as well as participating in numerous national and international exhibitions. His artwork can be found in numerous prestigious collections around the world. Currently residing and working in Washington, DC with his partner Tea Okropiridze, they own Art Woodstone Studio – a high-end furniture design and manufacturing studio.

Personal Life

George Tkabladze has been a renowned artist for many years. His works can be found in galleries, private collections and museums worldwide. His artistic output ranges from sculpture and painting to ceramics and wood urethane resin combinations. As part of the Society for Contemporary Craft and American Sculptors Association, George advocates for creativity through his artworks; one recent example being an array of interactive multimedia artworks featured at Maryland Science Center.

George Tkabladze

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