George Wolverton

George Wolverton

George Wolverton was a beloved friend and supporter of the business community, as well as an incredible father and grandfather.

He was a retired plastics engineer who enjoyed skiing, bicycling and fishing. Additionally, he loved traveling to the beach as an honorary Veteran of the US Air Force.

Early Life and Education

Wolverton was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1882 to Charles S. Wolverton, a prominent businessman and politician of Camden.

He served as a city commissioner and member of the Camden City Council for many years, serving also as an influential figure within Camden’s construction industry and as an entrepreneur in railroad operations.

In 1997, Wolverton established Writers at Work, a creative writing center that continues to offer classes in fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. She also co-founded the Future of Publishing Think Tank–an alliance of writers, publishers and booksellers–which launched an online directory of literary resources within Los Angeles County.

Professional Career

Basil Wolverton’s professional career began as a comic book cartoonist, creating stories that featured horror and science fiction themes.

His work is renowned, particularly for his intricate drawings and ink work. As an innovator within comic book culture, he made numerous significant contributions.

In 1941, he made a life-altering decision: to become a Christian. Since then, he has never looked back.

On Friday May 9th, Mr and Mrs Ellis of Canal Cottage in Old Wolverton were devastated to learn of the death of their eldest son Corporal George Ellis of the 2nd Northants Regiment in Flanders. He had already been wounded earlier this year in his thigh but while recuperating at home they learned of another brother’s passing as well.

Achievements and Honors

George Wolverton was an esteemed physician. He excelled in his field and dedicated himself to serving his community with passion and excellence.

He was a renowned author and skilled craftsman of words. He created numerous short stories and novels, including the beloved Star Wars young-reader series.

In recognition of his achievements, he was presented with several awards, including the ISPE Gold Medal Award.

The ISPE Gold Medal Award is presented annually to a PE or NSPE member in good standing for technical accomplishments, contributions to the engineering profession, and service to ISPE. This honor is presented during each spring semester.

Personal Life

George Wolverton was a loving husband and father. He was active in his community, serving as member of Morton Memorial United Methodist Church and Graceland Baptist Church.

He was also a volunteer at Clarksville High School, serving as both football and basketball team physicians for many years. He was renowned for his integrity, compassion and profound thought.

He was a fifth-generation soldier who joined the Army at 17 years old. An expert rifleman and paratrooper, he served throughout Afghanistan and Iraq until being tragically killed in action.

Net Worth

Dave Wolverton is an American author and editor who specializes in science fiction and fantasy novels. He also teaches writing workshops and online courses at his home base of St. George, Utah with his family of five. Most notably, he’s best known for his Runelords series of novels.

He won the Writers of the Future contest in 1987 and was nominated for both Hugo Award and Nebula Award. His books have been listed on New York Times bestseller lists. Additionally, he is an acclaimed video game designer who has worked both within gaming industry and Hollywood.

He is an accomplished author with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Additionally, he owns a house in Monmouth Beach, NJ and was once an Air Force veteran who enjoyed skiing, bicycling and fishing in local streams and ponds.

George Wolverton

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