German Shorthaired Pointer Hat

german shorthaired pointer hat 49533

Show off your love for the German Shorthaired Pointer with this cute hat, featuring the GSP puppy’s mug shot. These hats can be a great stand-alone gift or can be part of a set of dog gifts for your favorite GSP owner. These hats are great for showing off your favorite breed of dog while keeping the sun off your face. These hats are great conversation starters for dog lovers!

The German shorthaired pointer is about 25 to 28 inches high at the shoulders, and weighs from 55 to 75 pounds. The breed standard states that the pointer can be either white or liver-colored, but it can also be any color. Faux fur hats are best for tug-of-war. You can even play tug-of-war indoors! To make sure your dog doesn’t get tired, you should only play tug-of war with your pup one per week.

German Shorthaired Pointer Hat
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