German Shorthaired Pointer Statue

german shorthaired pointer statue 43279

A German shorthaired pointeder statue is a great option if you are looking for a statue to honor your dog. These beautiful sculptures are realistic and beautifully modeled after the breed. Made of silver, they’re hallmarked with the German silver mark (925) and are hallmarked by the government as genuine and high-quality German silver. The statues are perfect for home decor or a memorial gift.

The German shorthaired pointeder is a great family pet. While the English breed was originally bred for hunting, its high energy and athletic prowess make it an excellent pet for the whole family. The German shorthaired pointeder was originally bred to hunt, but it evolved into an all-around breed in 19th century. Its heritage includes bloodhounds, greyhounds, and other breeds, which makes it a great all-around companion.

German Shorthaired Pointer Statue
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