Ghost of Tsushima – Iki Island DLC Expansion – A Helping Hand

Hidden side quest A Helping Hand is available in The Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Extension. You will need to build a house for a resident of the island. To get started, you will need to visit an NPC close to a fire. You can find the quest near the Zasho River east of the Kidafure battleground.

Only players who have purchased DLC for Ghost of Tsushima can access the A Helping Hand side quest. This quest requires that you help a peasant to rebuild their house. However, unlike many other side quests, this quest has no waypoints, and you have to travel to his location. Here’s how you find him. Once you’ve located the peasant, speak with him to get the materials you need.

As you explore Iki Island, you’ll find hidden quests scattered across the island. To earn the trophy “Friend to All Raiders,” you must complete the side quest “A Helping Hand.” This quest requires you to find an unmarked NPC near a small fire. Eventually, he’ll open up the story. If you’re not sure where to find him, follow the directions on the map to see which side quests are accessible.

The Ghost of Tsushima Side Quest: A Helping Hand is a secret quest that is not marked on the map. You can find it east of the Kidafure battlefield, and near the Zasho River. It will be provided with a guide that will help you find it and complete the quest. Follow the instructions and the ghost will appear before you.

Tales of Tsushima has a side quest called “A Helping Hand”. It’s a great way for Jin to increase his Legend and gain more charms. Complete all the side quests to complete the story and level up Jin’s Legend. It’s fun to visit the island on a holiday. It’s a wonderful place to spend quality time with family and friends.

The Ghost of Tsushima will appear in Iki Island if you have collected the right documents. The To My Wife document can be found against a building and the To The Captives of Katayama Market documentation is in a cave. To The People of Iki Island can be found in a cave and To The Raiders on Iki Island can be found on the main deck of a ship.

Ghost of Tsushima – Iki Island DLC Expansion – A Helping Hand
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