Goku New York Comic Con Exclusive

TAMASHII NAIONS will be attending New York Comic Con this Year and will be releasing an exclusive Kaio-Ken Son Goku figure. The figure will include alternate coloring, an electric shock effect part, and detailed markings. More information will be released soon.

The Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Exclusive will be $60 USD and include interchangeable portraits as well as hands. The figure will also include an interchangeable power-up effect. Fans interested in purchasing the exclusive figure can do so through the official NYCC reservation system, or at the Tamashi Nations booth.

Another popular NYCC exclusive is the Steven Universe 8-piece figure set, which features new designs and characters. It was one of last year’s hottest exclusives. The set will also come in an exclusive collector’s box that looks like a cookie. Figpin has also teased that there will be six NYCC exclusive pins available.

There are a few flaws to this exclusive Goku New York Comic Con exclusive. First, the figure’s chest isn’t beefy enough. Although it looks good from the front, its chest is too narrow. This is especially evident from the sides. You can make the chest look more attractive by adding a vest.

Goku New York Comic Con Exclusive
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