Gold Coast K9 Academy

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Gold Coast K9 Academy offers professional training for your new service dog Nika. The company’s in-house breeding program gave her her name. The team trains hand-selected service dogs for use in police departments, school districts, and personal protection. Nika’s training incorporates I Heart K9’s holistic approach for dog training. Nika enjoys squirrel hunting, protecting chickens, as well as training days. She is also a certified dog trainer.

Rodney Spicer is the president and training director at Gold Coast K9 and has extensive experience working with police and sport dogs. He is a nationally recognized trainer and has conducted hundreds of detection sniffs. Rodney began his career training military service dogs, police dogs, and canine Home Protectors in 1985. He is highly skilled and passionate about his work and takes a hands-on approach in the training of his Gold Coast K9 service dogs.

Gold Coast K9 Academy
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