Greedfall Review – Will Greedfall Help the Rebels?

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One of the biggest questions I get when playing the game is: will greedfall help the rebels? Greedfall is a promising game if you answer yes. The concept is interesting, but the game lacks the depth of other triple A games. Greedfall doesn’t have microtransactions and the open world makes it easy for you to play the game however you like. This Greedfall review will explain how to help rebels and why.

First, go to the Outpost Camp in Doneia. Talk to the outpost camp leader, Captain Reinhild. He will ask you to help a wounded soldier, and you will receive a +2 Bridge Alliance reputation for saving his life. The rebels are attacking Doneia’s camp, and the leader of the outpost camp will ask you to either kill them or assist them. If you help the rebels, you will be rewarded with a +2 Bridge Alliance reputation, as well as 1400 XP.

Greedfall Review – Will Greedfall Help the Rebels?
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