Gross Celebs on TV

Some of our favorite celebs have been in trouble for their “gritty” behavior. While some famous faces apologized for their over-the-top antics, many others never apologised at all. It doesn’t matter if a star is an athlete, a singer or a businesswoman – there are plenty of gross celebs on television. Listed below are some of them. These might be surprising to you.

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus is not the same person she portrays on screen. She is known for her messy house. Actually, her husband Liam Hemsworth once said that Cyrus’s ineptness drove him insane. Cyrus’ home is covered in dog poop, takeout containers, fast food wrappers, and dirty dishes. It’s not surprising that she had to move several times. Celebrities aren’t afraid to be the center of attention at your home.

After the UK was attacked by a punter, the Belarus Eurovision jury vote was cancelled. However, many viewers of Gentleman Jack were shocked. Celebrities Go Dating viewers have been critical of the sexist behavior of a TV guru. Meanwhile, the show’s guru allegedly felt entitled to have sex with the women he appeared on. But, the reality show’s guru, Graham Norton, has defended UK’s Michael Rice.

While it may seem like celebrities aren’t prone to having poor personal hygiene, some are more prone to odor. Some celebs are notorious for their body odor. Joan Rivers famously stated that Russell Crowe had a body odor problem.

Gross Celebs on TV
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