Happy Pug Mother’s Day

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A happy Pug Mother’s Day to you and your furry friend! This card is printed on 280gsm white card and comes with a red and white envelope. If you are looking for the perfect card for your Pug Mom, you can find one of many different designs by visiting The Doggo Collection. These cards are created by independent artists and are printed one at a time using environmentally friendly inks. Every card purchase supports the artist and puts money into their pocket.

A pug’s wish to have a happy Pug Mother’s Day is more than words. Pugs are gentle and will wish you a happy Mother’s Day. Pugs have been resting up in preparation for the big day which can be exhausting for them. Pugs love you and want to wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day! Sending a cute Pug Mother’s Day card is the sweetest way to show your Mother how much you love her is!

Happy Pug Mother’s Day
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