Harlequin French Bulldog

The Harlequin French Bulldog is a type of French bulldog that is mainly white with large patches of full pigmentation. The Harlequin breed also carries a co-dominant modifying gene. The dog is named as such because of its unusual pattern and long ears. It is also known by the harlequin-merle. Breeding two N/H dogs results in embryonic lethal offspring, but is not recommended.

This French bulldog is blue-grey in colour. The two parents of a double Merle French Bulldog are blue merle and cream merle. A Frenchie with either of these colors will have blue patches all over its body. Another variety of this type of dog is the White And Merle French Bulldog, which has a predominantly white coat with blue patches. There are also three other color varieties of the French bulldog, including the White And Merle and Tan.

One of the most popular French bulldog types is the Merle coat. This unique pattern can be found in many color variations and can be affected by any breed of dog. Random changes can be seen in a dog’s body due to the Merle gene. The Merle gene removes pigment in patches. Bright blue eyes can be caused by this pigment removal, as well as heterochromia. However, the merle French bulldog has the unique advantage of exhibiting blue eyes.

The lilac French Bulldog, a type of lilac Frenchie, is a type. The two terms mean the same thing. The Frenchie in this coat type is also called lilac merle. A lilac merle Frenchie has blue patches on a cream-to-white base. Similarly, the blue Merle Frenchie is a lilac merle French Bulldog with white spots.

They are very rare. They are occasionally produced by West Coast breeders. They are very rare and beautiful, and are usually sold for higher prices than the standard French Bulldog. Some buyers have even paid $50,000 or more for a lilac Frenchie! This breed is rare and expensive because of its rarity. If you are looking for a French bulldog that is a rare color, the Lilac Frenchie is definitely the way to go.

The Merle French Bulldog is a type of merle dog, but AKC does not recognize them as purebred. Merle French Bulldogs, although not AKC-registered by AKC, are recognized as Frenchies by AKC. While merle French Bulldogs are attractive and beautiful, you must be aware of their possible health risks. A French bulldog with this pattern is prone to certain genetic diseases, including blindness and deafness.

Harlequin French Bulldog
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