Harry Potter FanFiction – Dudley Dursley

According to The Daily Prophet, Dudley Dursley is a beloved character from the Harry Potter series. Dudley Dursley is Harry’s first cousin, the son of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley. He is an excellent character to create a fanfiction series about. Read this article for more details on the character. The following fanfiction focuses on the character of Dudley.

Dudley was the first to help Harry during his encounter with the Dementors. He was disappointed after the first encounter with the Dementors and blamed Harry. He realized how important it was to save Harry. His initial accusation was motivated not by his hatred for Harry but his inept knowledge of magic. Dudley’s motive was genuine.

Dudley assists Harry in the next installment. This fic sees Harry become an orphan and make friends with Severus Snapchate. Harry and Severus become fast friends but Harry believes that his pain is normal and is a normal experience. His life with pain is not normal. Nevertheless, the story of Harry and Severus is the perfect example of the story of dudley’s burgeoning friendship.

The plot of the fanfiction revolves around this relationship. Dudley assists Harry, whose sister Lily Evans fought against Dark Lords and defeated the Death Eater. This fanfiction is very popular and very entertaining to read. It is a perfect fanfiction for fans of Harry Potter. It can be found here: Harry Potter FanFiction

In a different fanfic, Dudley helps Harry. Dudley is Harry’s father and doesn’t believe the rumors of Harry being crazy. He also has a heart-shaped smile, so his presence is perfect. He even teaches Harry how he speaks. Fans who are familiar with the movies and books will enjoy the fanfic.

Due to his close relationship with his magical cousin, Dudley was able to recognize the early signs that children developed magical abilities. In fact, the first time his boys were four, Dudley suspected that both boys had a magical ability. Richard, his brother, became angry and chased David with sticks and sparks of yellow and green. His magic was messed up due to his anger.

In Goblet of Fire, Dudley has his tail removed, but the Dursleys’ diet is not a successful solution. Harry must be on a strict diet by the Dursleys. Fred accidentally drops a Ton-Tongue Toffee on Dudley’s tongue, enlarging it. Harry’s mother reluctantly agrees that Dudley’s tongue be shaved. Arthur Weasley, however, is not so happy.

The second fanfiction Dudley helps Harry is about a year after Harry first found a phone message from his cousin Dudley. Dudley hasn’t seen Harry in ten years, but he needs his help to raise his magical six-year-old daughter, Rose. Dudley is a popular character in fanfiction. You can also read this fanfiction by clicking the link below.

Harry Potter FanFiction – Dudley Dursley
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