Harvey Williams Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Harvey Williams, a former Kansas City Chiefs runningback, was arrested on a domestic violence count. Williams appeared in court on Thursday and was released on $3,500 bond. His ex-wife, Lorie, refused medical attention after her ex-husband was arrested. Police refused to explain further the incident, as there were two versions of what happened. Williams was never in the NFL again. However, he’s still an interesting figure in the Raiders’ history.

After graduating from high school, Williams signed with LSU and was expected to be a Heisman Trophy winner. At the last minute, Williams switched to LSU. While in college, he struggled to find playing time with the Chiefs and ultimately ended up on the bench. Williams was a bust and was eventually surpassed by Barry Word, Christian Okoye, and Marcus Allen in the Kansas City Raiders’ organization.

Harvey Williams enjoyed a successful NFL career after signing with the Raiders. He led the Raiders in rush yards with 1,114 yards during the 1995 season. He was fourth in the AFC with nine touchdowns and added 54 receptions for an additional 377 yard. Williams was a Kansas City Chiefs first-round draft pick. He signed as a free agent with the Raiders in April 1994.

The Raiders were missing several key players in the offseason, including RB Nick Bell and TE Ethan Horton. Other players traded up were DE Sam Rogers of Colorado, LB Marlo Perry of Jackson State, FB Steve Smith of the Raiders, and OT Howard Ballard. Among the rookies, the Raiders’ depth chart is shaky due to the retirements of many key players.

Harvey Williams Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge
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