Heavy Duty Grooming Arm

heavy duty grooming arm 49493

The Heavy Duty Grooming Arm measures 48 inches tall and is made of stainless steel. Its locking steel clamp is adjustable and holds the grooming arm firmly in place, so that it will not bend. Whether you’re grooming a small dog or a large one, this heavy-duty arm will not bend or break. It comes with a 17-inch noose in a variety colors and is made to last.

The Heavy-Duty Grooming Arm features extra-large zinc-plated steel clamps. They attach securely to table tops and come equipped with two foldable grooming posts as well as one crossbar. Easy-grip knobs make it easy to adjust the height. You can adjust its length up to 40 inches with no hassle. You can also customize its design by adding a crossbar or a couple of swivels.

Heavy Duty Grooming Arm
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