Heinz Durr assets

Heinz Dürr is a German entrepreneur and major shareholder in the Stuttgart engineering office Dürr AG, which was founded by his grandfather in 1895. How rich is Heinz Dürr?

Entrepreneur. Born on July 16, 1933 in Stuttgart, Germany. Heinz Dürr assets is estimated at around 1 billion euros. In 1944-45 he attended the State Political Institute for Education in Rottweil. He completed his secondary school education in post-war West Germany in 1953. From 1980 to 1990 Dürr was CEO of AEG and from 1991 CEO of Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn. When these companies were merged and privatized in 1994, Dürr became the first CEO of the new Deutsche Bahn AG, a position he held until 1997.

Bourgeois name: Heinz Otto Dürr
Children: Nicole Dürr, Karoline Dürr, Alexandra Dürr
Heinz Dürr size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1955

What is Heinz Dürr’s net worth?
Heinz Dürr’s assets are currently € 1 billion.

Books: Data acquisition in commercial data processing.
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Heinz Durr assets

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