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Hella Kemper, known by her stage name Hella von Sinnen, is a German entertainer. She supported the fight for same-sex marriage in Germany with her ex-partner Cornelia Scheel. Hella von Sinnen currently lives in Cologne.

Actress, television presenter, comedian. Born on February 2, 1959 in Gummersbach, Germany. Hella von Sinnen’s fortune is estimated at around 2.5 million euros. She became famous in 1988 when she and Hugo Egon Balder played the RTL show “Alles nothing or ?!” presented. She had several television programs on German private channels. She has been presenting ComicTalk on the online portal Massengeschmack-TV since April 2017.

Bourgeois name: Hella Kemper
Ex-life partner: Cornelia Scheel
Hella out of her senses size: 1.70 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 1979

What is the fortune of Hella von Sinnen?
Hella von Sinnen’s assets are currently € 2.5 million.

Hella von Sinnen films and TV shows: Ingeniously next to it, a cold would have been enough, condom of horror.
Albums: The Lion King, Sugar, Project Fair Play, Discofox Hits 2015 (The most beautiful Fox hits of the year, Vol.1).
Does he play alongside: Hugo Egon Balder, Wigald Boning, Dirk Bach, Bernhard Hoëcker.

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Hella out of her senses fortune

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