Help Amiri Kill Another Mighty Monster

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The nature of the beast begins by speaking to Hodag, and ends when you speak with Amiri, who asks you to meet her at the Six Bears Camp, northwest of Tuskdale. In this location, you will find Skeletal Champions and barbarians fighting against each other. Amiri can also be contacted in a tavern. Amiri will help to kill the Skeletal Champions but it will take more than one encounter.

Amiri will reveal a tribe to you once you have completed the quest. This tribe is the Tuskgutter tribe. The Tuskgutter head can be found north of Oleg’s Trading Post. His corpse contains the head as well as two items: the Ancient Rostlandic Coin (Wand of Find Traps) and the Wand of Rostlandic Coin (both of which are available from Oleg’s Trading Post). This quest reward is an alternative reward to the main reward. To complete this quest, you will need to return to Oleg’s Trading Post.

Help Amiri Kill Another Mighty Monster
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