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To support Rebecca Koltun (a college senior paralysed in a skiing accident), you can donate money to the Help Hope Live Fund. You can also donate to Rebecca’s GoFundMe page. This organization has been helping people living with disabilities for over 40 years. You can help Rebecca and other people in need by making a donation or writing a check to help fund her rehabilitation.

After a freak ski accident, Rebecca Koltun became a quadriplegic.

A Binghamton University senior majoring in Spanish, Rebecca Koltun is a quadriplegic following a freak skiing accident. She and her brother Erik had been skiing in Vermont when they were involved in a life-threatening skiing accident. They were able to recover and moved into an assisted living facility. Koltun spoke to News 12 about her decision for assisted living.

While college graduates are eagerly awaiting their graduation day, Rebecca Koltun will be spending the next four years of her life in a wheelchair. The Vermont native is a premed student and was planning to graduate from Binghamton University this spring. Interviews were scheduled for her with medical schools in the next weeks. The accident that occurred the day before her graduation turned her life around. She couldn’t even breathe after being found unconscious on top of a mountain. Her family and friends rushed to her aid and she was put on a ventilator. Upon arriving at the hospital, she was quickly transferred to a prestigious rehab facility. Rebecca has been accompanied by her siblings and parents since the accident.

The BU community has helped Rebecca’s family raise funds for medical expenses. Her medical bills will exceed $1 million in her first year. She will require specialized equipment, a wheelchair, a van customized for her needs, and other home modifications. A Facebook fundraiser is an online fundraising campaign to raise money for Rebecca’s medical expenses. It is estimated that more than $386,309 has been raised as of March 31.

Supporting Rebecca Koltun through “Help Hope Live”.

Plainview-Old Bethpage Chamber of Commerce has gathered its community to support a student who sustained a spinal cord injury while ski skiing. Jessica Scheibel is Rebecca’s best friend and has known her since fifth grade. Jessica says Rebecca is outgoing and always up for a challenge. She suffered the injury in March and will need medical care and equipment for the rest of her life. Her medical bills are estimated to total millions.

Rebecca Koltun was skiing in March when she sustained a spinal injury. Although twenty emergency medical technicians saved her, she is now paralysed from the neck down. Her family will have to modify her house, buy a van and pay for her ongoing rehabilitation. In order to help her cope with her new life, Rebecca’s friends and family have created a fundraising campaign called “Help Hope Live.” With help from her friends and community, more than $550,000 has already been raised for her care.

GoFundMe to fundraise for rebecca Koltun

A fundraiser is underway to raise money for Rebecca Koltun’s medical expenses. The 21-year old college student was involved in a skiing accident, and suffered a spinal injury. This left her quadriplegic. Friends and neighbors rallied together to raise funds for her medical expenses. The goal of the fundraiser is to help cover the costs of her rehabilitation, therapy, and daily care.

Rebecca was eager to apply to medical school after she had completed college. An accident in Vermont left Rebecca paralysed and put her plans to apply for medical school in danger. Her parents have taken their full-time jobs and are now able to spend time with their daughter and help her recovery. Rebecca is now in Boston’s rehab center and learning to live with her disabilities. She is on the road to a long recovery.

The BU community has stepped in to help. Along with her friends and family, the BU community has created an online campaign to finance Rebecca’s medical expenses, which will likely top $1 million in the first year. These expenses include the purchase and maintenance of specialized equipment, a wheelchair and other home modifications. The campaign has raised $386.309 so far, which is quite a lot of money.

Help Hope Live – Support College Senior Rebecca Koltun
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