Help John Or Get Money in Temple Run 2

At the end of the game, players can choose whether to help John or get money. There are two possible outcomes. Players can either help John escape and save Micah or help John get the money Dutch wants. If you choose to aid John, you will fight Micah, the Pinkertons, and depending on your Honor System, you can get the best ending or the worst. Let’s talk in detail about both of these options.

It is up to you whether to help John Marston and Arthur Morgan get away safely. Helping John will trigger the game’s Honorable ending, and Arthur will help John climb a cliff. Arthur will fight the Pinkertons, Micah and other players when he’s done. The duel between Arthur and Micah ends in a draw, and Dutch and Micah abandon Arthur to find John.

Dutch, a wealthy man, may have been carefully watching Micah and getting the money. He could have been saving money and watching the loyal people he served. Then, when John is able to reach the mountain and collect the money, he’ll get the money. This storyline is fascinating and I highly recommend it. But it’s not the only interesting aspect of the game. It is the epilogue that makes the game truly memorable.

When the camp is burning, Arthur and Micah confront each other. Arthur decides to go back to get the money to help John. Micah stabbing him twice, Dutch backing away, leaving Arthur to murder Micah on the cliff. The two men end up fighting in the end, and Arthur dies on the cliffside watching the sunrise. The next chapter features a dramatic finale that culminates in a dramatic battle on the cliffside.

Help John Or Get Money in Temple Run 2
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