Help Or Kill Kraityn in World of Warcraft

help or kill kraityn in world of warcraft 36466

Considering if you should help or kill Kraityn? Your class will determine the answer. Rangers and bandits need to be agile, and help Kraityn will grant them a massive strength boost. If you are an agile caster, siding with Kraityn will also give you a major boost to your elemental resistances. Both of these bonuses will improve your overall game strategy. Continue reading to find out more.

The reward for helping Kraityn is quite high – an Orb of Regret that you get after killing him will grant you with a buff that grants 3% dodge and 10% Attack. The Vendor recipe will give you the Book of Reform, and the Orb of Regret is also available at any vendor in any city. Helping Kraityn will also grant your character a 6% attack and cast speed boost, 3% dodge attack chance, and a 5% chance of moving faster. In addition, helping Kraityn will grant you with two passive skill points, which will allow you to build your character with the best gear. You can also collect up to 99 passive skill points and earn 22 or 24 skill refund points.

Help Or Kill Kraityn in World of Warcraft
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