Help Pentland Family With Legal Fees

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Pentland’s family is asking for donations to pay legal fees and other costs related to his case. The richland county sheriff’s department has been working to divert Pentland from the criminal justice system. Pentland was the victim in two incidents that were reported to the deputies, but they did not press charges. They stated that Pentland’s actions were not justified by the other incidents. The incident occurred on a sidewalk in the Columbia’s Summit neighborhood. A woman who witnessed the incident on Facebook said Pentland knocked Deandre’s phone over and broke it.

The video shows Pentland confronting Deandre, a Black man. He repeatedly tells him to “go away” and to call the police. Deandre’s wife, meanwhile, tells Pentland that they have already called the police. She claims Deandre was “picking fights” with other people in the neighborhood. Pentland’s family says the incident occurred in a neighborhood where it’s considered illegal for Black men to wear hoodies and face the consequences of their actions.

The father of Williams testified in court that the lymphoma caused his son brain damage and swelling throughout his body, including his brain. Williams was a highly-successful student but now has difficulty with basic tasks. Despite the police officer’s statements, McDaniels’ attorney, Benjamin Allen Stitely, said that Williams’ behavior was erratic before the incident. Williams’ father claimed that the incident was bullying, but Pentland stated that he didn’t intend to harm Williams.

After the video was taken, Williams left the scene and was filmed in the process. This video was taken in public and it is legal to record such incidents. He could have let Williams go at that point, but the video shows that he was belligerent prior to April 12.

In April, Fort Jackson Army Sgt. After a video showing Jonathan Pentland threatening a Black man, Fort Jackson Army Sgt. The incident sparked massive protests and heightened emotions that drew national attention. On Wednesday, he was found guilty of third-degree assault and sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $1,087 fine. The Pentland family is asking for donations to help pay the legal fees.

The Army’s top basic training center has been approached for a donation to cover the Pentland family’s legal expenses. They will need funds to defend their son, and the video will help them with the costs. Thousands of people have already pledged to support the Pentland family. The Army’s chief of staff is now reviewing the options to pay for the family’s legal fees.

Help Pentland Family With Legal Fees
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