Helpful Honda Guys – Giving Back to Our Communities

To celebrate Halloween, the Helpful Honda Guys are partnering with local hospitals to provide children with a pumpkin and trick-or-treat activity kit. The Helpful Honda Guys wear their signature blue polos and caps and have created pumpkin-decorating stations. A bucket will be filled with glow in the dark toys and candies for those in need. The Helpful Honda Guys will also be available to assist with giveaways and crafts while you are at the hospitals.

National Random Acts of Kindness Day falls only once a year, but Helpful Honda Guys are working hard to increase their efforts to spread kindness every day. In spite of the pandemic, the Helpful Honda Guys haven’t slowed down. They are showing that car dealerships aren’t necessarily the worst in the world. By recognizing those individuals who are making a positive impact on their communities, they will encourage others to follow suit.

Yuri Wiliams was a volunteer at SoCal Honda Dealers and saw Pryor’s story. He nominated him. The Helpful Honda Guys then delivered a basket full of gifts to Pryor. They also delivered coffee for a parent who was undergoing surgery. A friend of Pryor contacted the team to thank them for the gestures. This is just one example of the amazing work they do to help people.

The Helpful Honda Guys donated new appliances to the school in addition to classroom supplies. These gifts are a great way to show gratitude and appreciation. In addition to boosting morale, the gift also makes the school look good and attracts students and teachers alike. They are truly giving back to the community and putting the help of other nonprofits to good use. These programs are particularly important for those in need. It is crucial that everyone in your community supports one another.

While helping local communities is important, there is no greater gift than giving back. The team helped more than 500 pets find homes through Helpful Honda Pet Adoption. Additionally, the company surprised hundreds of local residents with a Valentine’s Day surprise. In addition to giving pets a home, the Helpful Honda Guys treated mothers to manicures and massages. Knowledge is power. And the Helpful Honda Guys are giving back to our communities in an even bigger way.

SoCal Honda Dealers are joining forces with Helpful Honda to offer complimentary reusable shopping bags to thousands of children in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The campaign also includes the giveaway of a 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid for a lucky recipient. The Helpful Honda Guys, among many other initiatives are determined to give back to the communities that they serve. There are many ways you can help the environment and people. One way to do so is to volunteer at local Honda dealerships. The Helpful Honda Guys also participate in local events and community service programs.

Helpful Honda Guys – Giving Back to Our Communities
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