Helping Cassandra O’Malley in the Game Anton’s Data

This game requires you to help Cassandra O’Malley, a woman who has lost her keycard. The woman lost her keycard and wants vents. To help her, you need to snipe the sniper in the hallway and sneak past him. After sniping him, you can continue your journey eastwards by heading down the ramp. A woman will appear behind the bars and call you, asking you to clear a path for her.

After killing Vaughn, you can help Cassandra find the three canisters she needs for Anton’s Data quest. You can also negotiate with Vaughn to get the keycard from Porter’s office. Make sure you clear a path to the exit when you reach her. Cassandra will be next to the marker for Anton’s Data as you move forward.

Cassandra, six years old when she first discovered ballet, is obsessed with it. Her mother is proud of her, while her brother doesn’t care about her. He starts destroying her Barbie dolls, threatening to break them for every lie she tells. When the parents try to stop him from entering the room, he doesn’t listen and continues destroying Cassandra’s Barbie dolls.

After you have introduced her, you can move on to the next level – helping Cassandra escape. The next level will have you persuading the Porter to leave. If you succeed, Cassandra will give you bits of her research and help you free her from prison. You’ll be rewarded with some gold and a unique item for your efforts. You can also get a copy Crane’s research if you help her.

After rescuing Cassandra you will need to convince Anton to give him the research he needs. If she refuses, she will walk away. Using dialogue checks, you can convince her to give you the research so you can sell it to Gladys on Groundbreaker. You can then free Cassandra. But you’ll need to get some more money to buy the research.

You’ve probably seen “The Outer Worlds”, and Cassandra O’Malley. Cassandra, a muggleborn woman, has been hiding in a celda since a long time. Although she isn’t a threat immediately, she’s still a redada leader and works in a secret laboratory.

Helping Cassandra O’Malley in the Game Anton’s Data
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