Helping Clem Rewards in World of Warcraft

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To earn help for Clem, you can complete a weekly mission for Darvo. You must complete a Survival mission lasting ten minutes, protecting the cell against Grustrag Three attacks, and Clem’s attack. During this mission, you can complete any tileset that is Survival-eligible. You will receive a Clem Clone blueprint and a weekly alert asking you to help Clem. This alert will reset on Monday.

Players can also obtain Clem’s signature weapons by assisting him in his quest. During the original comic, Clem used the Grakata but was prompted to use the Latron when it was required. He responded by brandishing the second Grakata. The entire in-game model for Clem is based on the comics, as many of the items that he uses were originally named after comic characters. For example, his syandana was originally named Asa Syandana, and his Latcher is based on the syandana as he fought against Excalibur.

Helping Clem Rewards in World of Warcraft
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