Helping Laniakea – How to Complete the Quest

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In the miniquest “Helping Laniakea”, you must kill dinosaurs and plants in the island. You will be awarded an item that will make it easier for you to catch rare fish. To complete the miniquest, you will need to have a Totem of Navigation Top. You can still get it later if you have not yet collected it. But before you start playing, you should first do some research and gather some materials for the quest.

For the miniquest, you will need a special fishing spot northwest of the volcano mouth, west of the Luminous snagglers. Once you have collected all the items, you can return to Laniakea to give them. The dialogue page for “Helping Laniakea”, which is the dialogue for the miniquest, can be found on the Helping Laniakea dialogue page. This page contains transcripts and possible conversations. This information was collected during the update history project.

Once you’ve acquired the items required for the quest, you should be able to find more resources to continue your journey. You will need the shimmering feather of the strange bird on southern peninsula. The old spring can also be found in crates close to Stormbreaker. You can also find jungle vine by combing raw apoterrasaur meat with ancient arbuck. The jungle vine is located on the ground to the north-west of the overgrown icon. Finally, you will need a dirty stick that you can place on a bucket west to the archaeologists.

Helping Laniakea – How to Complete the Quest
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