Helping Laniakea in RuneScape 3

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You can complete RuneScape 3’s Helping Laniakea miniquest. This miniquest requires that you help Laniakea fish for fish. To accomplish this task, you will need a crafting rod, shimmering feather, old spring, herby meat, immaculate jungle stick, and a vine. This miniquest should be easier for beginners than others.

Upon arrival at Laniakea, go to the base camp on the island. From there, you can obtain a shimmering feather from a strange bird. You can also find an old spring by looking for crates close to the Stormbreaker. You can also collect herby meat by combining raw apoterrasaur meat with ancient arbuck. The jungle vine is found north-west of the overgrown idol in the east. A block of stone is found in the rubble. Finally, a dirty stick can be found in a bucket west of the archaeologists.

Helping Laniakea in RuneScape 3
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