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The Under-Told Story of Henri Rivers

Skiing has always been part of Henri Rivers’ life; ever since he received his first hand-me-down wooden skis as a child. Today he serves as president of the National Brotherhood of Skiers and won an inaugural Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion award from U.S. Ski & Snowboard; his enthusiasm is palpable!

Early Life and Education

Henri Rivers is a man of many talents, and his contributions to the National Brotherhood of Skiing (NBS) are substantial and longstanding. This blog post will delve into some lesser known facts surrounding Henri, his history with skiing, and all the prestigious positions he has held over time.

At age 8, Henri Rivers first discovered skiing and quickly fell in love. He made a vow that one day he would become part of the National Broadcaster Service ski team.

Henri Rivers became the inaugural recipient of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion Award in 2021. This honor recognizes individuals, organizations, or teams that have shown leadership in DEI through collaborative coalition-building, education of constituents, or developing equitable systems.

Professional Career

Henri Rivers averaged 10.9 points and 5.7 assists per game during his 13 seasons in the NBA, known for playing defense and as a team leader. Additionally, Henri has held various roles such as color commentator for NBA games as well as basketball coach.

Henri Rivers began his involvement with NBS in 1996 as club president before later serving as competition director of Midwest region competitions. Five years later he was appointed NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund administrator, expanding national team participation by 15 athletes.

Henri Rivers serves as President of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, an organization which promotes winter sports participation among black people. Additionally, Henri is a professional ski instructor, certified master teacher and children’s specialist with US Ski & Snowboard alpine coaching certification, advisor for juries, referee and official duties.

Achievement and Honors

Henri Rivers has worked diligently towards his many accomplishments and honors. His dedication and work ethic can be seen through his various roles and positions he occupies – including being president of the National Brotherhood of Skiers.

He was a dear friend to all. In his role as Praelector of Natural Sciences at St John’s, he interviewed every science student entering St John’s and kept in contact with them through their Cambridge career.

Rivers travelled extensively through Melanesia between 1908-9, and published two volumes entitled, “History of Melanesian Society”, that presented his diffusionist theory for cultural development across the Pacific region.

Henri Rivers received the inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Champion Award from U.S. Ski & Snowboard in 2017. This honor recognizes individuals, organizations and programs who have contributed significantly and sustainably towards DEI within skiing and snowboarding.

Personal Life

Henri Rivers was an ardent family man and passionate skier. He shared his enthusiasm by serving as President of the National Brotherhood of Skiers – an organization which promotes skiing for black people.

Errol Malinowski was an accomplished anthropologist who pioneered new methods in psychological research. His 1906 work The Todas pioneered a unique method for the presentation of ethnographic data that later became standard practice among British social anthropologists due to his influence.

Henri Rivers treated soldiers suffering from shell shock during World War I, such as poet Siegfried Sassoon. Rivers was close to Sassoon and shared his Socialist sympathies; additionally he is featured in Francois Smith’s 2014 Afrikaans novel Kamphoer as a psychiatric nurse who treats a character suffering from shell shock.

Net worth

Henri Rivers embodies his values through his experience, passion and drive when speaking and the prestigious positions he holds. As President of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS), Henri is dedicated to spreading skiing within Black communities while supporting talented Black skiers chasing Olympic dreams.

Henri Rivers is an accomplished professional as well as musician with three Top 10 hits on Billboard Hot 100 chart and many television and movie appearances, plus being published author with several books covering business, fitness, skiing and living life to its fullest. He currently resides in Queens New York with his wife Kristen, where they share three children Jeremiah Austin Spencer.

henri rivers
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