Henry Belts

Henry Belts

There is an age-old rule of etiquette which dictates that your belt should complement your shoes in terms of color and material. While color plays the largest part, materials can also play an essential part in creating the ideal ensemble.

Henry was taken aback when he realized that the Jiu-Jitsu he learned from Rickson over 19 years – including up to 70 hours per week training – was no longer readily available in public arena.

Early Life and Education

Henry Crown was a man with vision and an uncompromising commitment to purpose. He loved and respected people. He mentored young talent. And he championed America’s limitless opportunities.

He was born in Chicago, the home of legendary entrepreneurs such as Cyrus Hall McCormick, George Pullman and Marshall Field. His family owned Material Service Corporation which later merged into General Dynamics.

Belt was not only a urologist and philanthropist; he was an avid book collector as well. Over time he amassed an extensive library of research materials on Leonardo da Vinci – The Elmer Belt Library of Vinciana – which he donated to UCLA between 1961-1966.

Professional Career

Henry would eventually sign on with OVW before returning to Raw on October 26. On this episode of Raw, Henry defeated Jerry Lawler, Finlay and Hornswoggle’s team in a street fight match.

Henry made his WrestleMania XXV ladder match debut and eventually fell to CM Punk. Later that year, Henry joined forces with an altered Montel Vontavious Porter as New York-based tag team The Apple.

Henry had an intense feud with Booker T during his main roster run. On the June 17 episode of Raw, Henry attempted to announce his retirement; however, after making this statement he returned ringside for a match in which John Cena won and Henry gave Cena a World’s Strongest Slam after giving Cena his speech, showing that it was all an act.

Achievement and Honors

Henry and MVP first joined forces at Extreme Rules 2010 to challenge The Big Show and The Miz in a gauntlet match, but lost. Following that loss, they formed a heel stable with Lucky Cannon that ultimately came to an end due to Cannon suffering an injury and having to return from it as soon as possible.

Henry made his return on August 4’s episode of Raw by defeating Damien Sandow and later joining forces with Big Show against RybAxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel).

On the October 27 episode of Raw, Henry switched sides when he attacked Big Show during their tag team match against Gold and Stardust. At Survivor Series he answered Ryback’s open challenge with his World’s Strongest Slam to defeat him and become the victor.

Personal Life

Henry was an exceptionally generous man with an acute sense of potential. He delighted in mentoring young people wishing to excel, often offering financial assistance as well as placement within one of his various companies.

Henry founded Maximum Henry Leather Belts & Accessories, with the belief that quality was of utmost importance. Utilizing top-grade vegetable-tanned leather from Belgium and Spain as well as custom handcrafting in Brooklyn.

Henry was inspired by seeing Rickson Gracie compete at a Vale Tudo event and immediately took notice. Seeing Rickson Gracie compete on television inspired Henry to move west. Once in Los Angeles he discovered Rickson’s academy and quickly established himself as one of its most intuitive students.

Net Worth

Henry is one of Hollywood’s premier actors, and his roles often yield big payoffs – reported to have earned an upfront payment of $300k for Man of Steel and millions more through other projects in the DC Universe.

Henry is an experienced BJJ competitor who runs his own successful academy. He has conducted seminars worldwide and shares his knowledge through online videos.

Henry was an accomplished boxer, using both power and footwork to capture the gold Lonsdale belt in 1959 and 1961. It features an enamel portrait of Lord Lonsdale along with multiple nine carat gold medallions commemorating championship fights. It sold at Bonhams sale of sporting and military memorabilia for PS49,250.

Henry Belts
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