Henry Breese

Henry Breese

Henry Breese died at his birthplace, United States on the month day and time indicated. He left behind three siblings.

Balemas Breese was born in Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey to Henry and Phoebe Hayden Breese and named for someone on her side of the family. Later, the couple relocated to Washington County, Pennsylvania where he remains today.

Early Life and Education

Henry Breese was born March 23rd 1892 in Brownstown Illinois 62418 to John and Phoebe Breese and had ten siblings before passing away December 1974 at 82.

As well as his civic involvement, he was actively engaged in agriculture and the Democratic Party; serving both in the House of Representatives and Senate.

He was an extremely kind and generous individual throughout his lifetime, never owning a car and opting to walk everywhere he needed to go. He treasured time spent with family – particularly his grandchildren – as well as visiting Lake George Family Camp. He leaves behind his daughter Laura Wilkins of Shaftsbury; sister Loretta Rivera from Newtown CT; as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Henry Breese is an esteemed Illinois attorney and judge. Throughout his career he served as prosecuting attorney and federal district attorney. Additionally he published “Breese’s Reports”.

He has led several successful business turnarounds and acquisitions, such as Symingtons. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of Mayborn Group Limited’s Board of Directors.

He is survived by Richard Kovacs of Newtown; Loretta Rivera and John Rivera from Margate, Florida; as well as several nieces and nephews who he is still close with since the loss of Margaret Kovacs. Additionally he held memberships in several professional organizations such as American Bar Association, State Bar Association Connecticut, Trustee for American Foundation of Arts & Sciences Trustee, Board Director Yale University School of Management as well as being on its Advisory Council for Arts & Sciences Foundation Trustee.

Achievement and Honors

He also served on the boards for Clinton County Relay for Life and Clinton County Humane Society, was an active member of St. Rose Catholic Church’s Men’s Sodality, was an ex-volunteer fire department member, and enjoyed playing cards, golfing, billiards and cheering for his favorite baseball team: New York Mets.

He was a member of the Knights of Columbus (K of C) and sponsored a Catholic Boy Scout Troop. Additionally, his council participated in war bond drives, assisted with fund drives for their local hospital and worked closely with Father Gregory Kunkel’s Indian Mission of Nebraska.

His survivors include Kathleen Schmeink; sons Brian and Lisa Schmeink of Carlyle; daughters Sharon Linnemann Albers and Caroline Draper; four grandchildren – Ryan, Adam, Darren and Sarah Kampwerth; two brothers Paul Schmeink and Arnold Schmeink as well as nieces and nephews; as well as General Lee his calico cat companion.

Personal Life

Henry Breese was an accomplished and much-beloved individual with many friends and family members. He was an attentive husband, father, brother as well as an author, poet and painter with many hobbies to keep himself occupied throughout his lifetime. Henry also had an immense sense of humor!

Henry and Phoebe had nine children together, all named for relatives on both sides of their family tree. Balemas was their firstborn, followed by three sons – Elias, Hosea and Silas.

Civil War turmoil had an enormous effect on Israel and James’ family as they both served in Wisconsin Volunteers. All family members, however, felt some degree of an impact due to this conflict.

Net worth

Henry Breese was an extremely successful American businessman who amassed his fortune as a real estate developer and the owner of Orkin Pest Control. Additionally, he invested in racetracks, TV/radio stations, racecar racing tracks, racetrack betting venues and various ventures – amassing an estimated net worth of $2 billion over time. Breese made generous donations to the University of Illinois through endowing numerous faculty positions and scholarships bearing his name.

John Henry Breese was born on September 28, 1912 in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana to Leon (Tobe) Breese and Jennie Hart and later married Irene Whelchel before passing away at age 77 on September 14th 1989 in Noblesville Memorial Gardens. MyHeritage DNA test takers may be his descendants – find out now if yours are!

Henry Breese
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